Lukyan Yolkin

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Lukyan Yolkin
Лукьян Ёлкин
Lukyan Tarasovich Yolkin

(1957-04-26)April 26, 1957
Repyovka, Volkia
DiedNovember 19, 2021(2021-11-19) (aged 64)
Cold River FCC, Deyevsk, Okostolitsa Oblast, Volkia
Cause of deathExecution by hanging
Other namesThe Bright Leader, the Brightest
OccupationCult leader, founder of Yarkiye
Known forMasterminding the 2006 Volkgoroda bombings
Criminal chargesMurder, terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder
Criminal penaltyDeath
Criminal statusExecuted
Spouse(s)Anastasyia Larionova
(m. 1981-1993)
Zlata Kirilova (m. 2005-present)

Lukyan Tarasovich Yolkin (Volkian: Лукьян Тарасович Ёлкин; April 26, 1957 - November 19, 2021) was the founder and leader of the Volkian doomsday cult known as Yarkiye. He was convicted of masterminding the deadly 2006 Volkgoroda bombings in addition to several other crimes. Yolkin was sentenced to death in 2008. Yolkin's execution in 2018 was postponed after further arrests of Yarkiye members claiming to have information on more plots masterminded by him. He was executed on November 19, 2021 with his co-conspirators.

Early life

Yolkin was born on April 26, 1957 in Repyovka, Kologorsk Oblast to Taras Yolkin and Irina Ulanova. He is the youngest of three siblings. After attending high school, Yolkin worked with his father at the local lumber mill but left following his father's accidental death there in 1977. His father's death led to Yolkin's intial interest in religion.

Yolkin attended Repyovka Federal University starting in 1978 and met his first wife, Anastasyia Larionova, while at school. Yolkin married Larionova in 1981. In 1982 he graduated from the school with a bachelor's degree in religious studies with the goal of becoming a Lunarist priest. Yolkin and Larionova moved to Kholpolya, a small rural community roughly 100 miles outside of Repyovka where Yolkin became the town's priest. He remained in that position until 1993, when he was removed by Lunarist authorities after allegations of heresy and abuse.

Yolkin became disillusioned with the Lunarist Church and continued preaching what he believed to be the "true word of Yelena." Yolkin prophesized the "end times" would be coming within the next 10 years and only he could save his followers. After Larionova divorced him in 1993, Yolkin left Kholpolya and formed Yarkiye.


Yolkin and a small group of his followers moved back to Repyovka, where they started gathering in a small office space in 1994.

2006 Volkgoroda bombings and arrest

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Accusations and trial

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