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Locker 77
Also known asTwenty Tales About Wealden
Created byTommo
Based onSeries of unexplained phenomena in the nation of Wealden, dated from the 1920s to the present day
Country of originWealden
Original releaseUpcoming

Locker 77, also known as UC-77 are a series of classified documents, records, and mementos that document unexplained mysteries and events undisclosed by the Wealdenite Classified Intelligence Force (WCIF). The events recorded in Locker 77 are confirmed cases that the WCIF have deemed "unexplainable, or incomprehensible for human intelligence", including paranormal activity, disappearances, crimes, and encounters with non-terrestrial phenomena that occur within the nation of Wealden.

The files are due to be officially unclassified in 2024 by former WCIF head researcher and chief of staff Lyuba Alina Chayka, after a public inquiry headed by the Unsolved Commission, a non-governmental organization that primarily focuses on keeping unsolved cases open until they are solved. The inquiry put pressure on the Wealdenite government to officially reveal the contents hidden within Locker 77, a move that was hesitantly granted by the WCIF.

OOC Information & Development

Initially, Locker 77 was titled "Twenty Tales About Wealden", and had entered development in August 2023, after having been announced 2 months prior. No announcement for a first instalment has been planned as of yet. The first release for Locker 77 was pushed back in May 2024 following the unannounced release of Frayed Republic.

The series is due to be released in "parts", a collection of short-moderate length stories covering various folklore and urban legends within Wealden. It is inspired by modern-day horror projects and unsolved mysteries such as the SCP Foundation, the U.S. government's UFO conspiracy, the haunting of Lake Lanier, and the mystery of Mt. Shasta. Depending on the success of the project, it could be run over multiple seasons.

Parts will be released as "government documents" that concern in-lore RP events.



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