List of national border changes

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14th Century

  • 1301 — Unification of the nine Vistari States under the rule of Hednrik I of Vierbaak, forming the Vistari Rijk.

16th Century

18th Century

  • 1st June 1700 — Succession of Nagato from Augustia.

20th Century

  • 17th February 1921 — Nagato occupies Mizore, annexing the state.
  • 1927 – Passage of the Transnalpian Governance Act and the Sweoraport Agreement, making Transnalpia an independent country from Tretrid.
  • 18th February 1936 — Mizore gains independence from Nagato.
  • 20th September 1941 — The Nagatoian Resistance Coalition moved to East Unovian Island, reorganized as the Duchy of Nagato.
  • 17th December 1942 — Occupation of Bridgeport, Augustia during the Nagatoian Civil War by the Imperial State of Nagato.
  • 2nd March 1945 — Liberation of Bridgeport, Augustia from the Imperial State of Nagato by the Duchy of Nagato.
  • 16th April 1945 — 1945 Annexation Act; the Imperial State of Nagato was annexed into the Duchy of Nagato, forming the Grand Duchy of Nagato.
  • 14th November 1951 — First Dekuuliye Treaty, ending the First Hadeni Restoration War with the annexation of the Kaurmji People's Republic and the Social Republic of Dhacdaya into Hadena.
  • 20th September 1984 — Adelia Agreement signed. Agreement formalized the annexation of Grenstroom and Lijnveld into the Western Provinces, the annexation of the North of Lower Suvania by Upper Suvania, and the occupational partition of Adelisia.
  • 14th November 1989 — Third Dekuuliye Treaty, the annexation of the previously-occupied Aanura into Hadena as the Autonomous Taifa of Aanura.

21st Century