List of heads of state of Tano

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This is a list of heads of state of Tano prior to its annexation into South Hills. There have been a total of nine monarchs spanning three different regimes and four Mafia heads under the Vozhdom of the Tolpas.

Kingdom of Eastern Volkia

Yuri IV (1885-1888)

Vozhdom of the Tolpas

Sergei (1888-1889)
Boris (1889-1895)
Orev (1895-1901)
Nikoli (1901-1902)

Packilvanian Tano

Zerah Demir IV (1902-1917)

Sultanate of Tano

J'uri iz-omir (1917-1936)
J'biriki iz-uri (1936-1948)
J'imir iz-uri (1948-1951)
J'kala iz-imir (1951-1969)
J'imar iz-kala (1969-1996)
J'beneri iz-imar (1996-2014)
J'alice iz-beneri (2014-2017)

South Hills Autonomous State of Tano

J'alice iz-beneri (2017-2018)
Igor Menchikov (2018-2020)
Yuri Olegovich (2020-present)