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This article is an unabridged list of sourced quotations by country, taken from notable people and creative works that have been translated into Codexian. These quotes may be notable for any number of reasons, with a variety of contexts for which they are known for, including those of political or societal importance as well as those which have become iconic in the cultures they originated from.


"No cavalier has ever given his life so nobly or so willingly than I, sir, for I have died a hundred deaths of ridicule to uphold my honor and dignity."

-Sir Frederico de Largo, protagonist of the novel "The Great Deeds" (1297.)

"I am a knight, and a knight I shall die, save if I dishonor they who have granted me this boon."

-Vow of the Antoran knight according to the tradition of the Antoran Precepts for Honorable and Chivalric Life, authored by King Marius Ignatius II of Réal (1355.)

"We all, gentlemen, have been willingly domesticated by the chivalry of the East."

-Unknown Arranzic nobleman referencing the Precepts (1371.)

"God protects, yea, all who are righteously proper of spirit."

-Hymn of the Righteous, from the religious text "Deus y Mundo" (1409.)

“I declare to the Sovereign of Antora, through the services I have rendered as a loyal Vassal, by my blood and honor, and the proof I have provided, that [this/these individual/s is/are criminal/s] before law and chivalry!”

-Oath of Accusation, reserved for nobility to declare traitors to the realm with the penalty of death if their accusation was false (1595.)

"There exists no nation on Urth as special to me as this! I have spent my life loving Casilló y Réal. Ever since I was a boy, I knew that there was no future for me but serving the people of our country. A chivalric caretaker of our wonderful citizens, brillaint and beautiful landscapes, and timeless traditions was what I strived to be. Yet have we lived up to our reputation as a special, honorable land? No! Absolutely not! Our great history is peppered with blood and betrayal and horrible crimes which we say we have moved beyond! But we have not! The lilies are still red! The land of Antora has been inhabited since ancient antiquity by three people, two competing and one observing. Arranzics and Réorans fueded for hundreds of years while the Catráns traded and prospered. And when our Kingdom was founded out of two, through blood and death and smoke, we looked to the future as not one people, but two! Corric aspirations to join our northern cousins in wealth and respect formed the bedrock of the efforts of the new nation. And where have we found ourselves? Two generations of Catráns now live as citizens of Casilló y Réal because of the crimes and evils my father facilitated. King Benito Ares was not a paragon, not a statesman, and not an honorable man. The referendum to join Catrás with our Kingdom was precipitated on the back of a sham war, a sham assassination, a conspiracy so vile and dishonorable I feel forever shamed for being a member of the House that saw it through. The honor of our country has been irrevocably stained, and with all my strength and will I swear to prove it to every man, woman, child and person who lives here. But a more immediate problem is our cousins, who we have wronged. How can we claim the mantle of most honorable nation when we sully ourselves by leaving the Catráns out in the rain. Are they not Antoran? Are they not our family? Are they not citizens? Casilló and Réal are long dead. Their noble people continue their traditions, but all children of Antora deserve a united state that serves all equitably. No longer! No longer will the dead kingdoms of our bloody forefathers and mothers be our face! No longer will the specters of dead kings hang their crimes over our heads! We need a new direction! New honor! New unity! New identity! I declare before this Assembly that the greatest step taken in our history shall not be conquest! It shall not be death! It shall be life, tempered by pain, colored by blood, but free from dishonor! I declare all Antoran people to be one people! One nation! One vision! One of chivalry, strength, and honesty! Yesterday we were Corric, today we are Antoran. We are Antora!"

-Excerpt from the "The Lilies are Still Red" speech of Astolfo de Naranza-Carratéo, before the Popular Assembly (2022.)


"It has been proven archeologically that Cava were the first sapient people to walk on this Continent and are its true inheritors. All other cultures and species who have invaded this land are amoral barbarians who have done naught but degrade and oppress us; Valerian, Salovian, Ethalrian, and especially the Staynish deserve righteous punishment for their crimes against our people. The day our government realises these facts and acts upon them will be the day we stop our campaign."

–Anonymous message made by Extinction Corps terrorist Awx̂li Strano (later arrested) after a car bomb was detonated in downtown Rulique (2002)

"With these corrupt and dangerous powers rising before us, the peace the people of this proud continent have held dear for many years now is threatened, and I fear for the future of the nations of Aurora."

–Leon Jolva at the Sani Bursil Summit (2017)


"Alksearia is an Imperialist nation that has done nothing but exploit the people of Balistria for profit. Now they look at them. They have the ear of every single nation. They manipulate public opinion of other nations to look at this strong beacon of democracy so that the so-called "Monarchy" can remain in power. One of these days, Alksearia will fall, and it will fall beneth the boot of Balistria rising against the Shadow World government."

–Quote from opening speech of the Council of Viziers by Grand Vizier Whit'chest(2020)

"Imperialism is when other countries exploit us and destroy us for our resources. We are not Imperials. We strive to make every single nation of Urth a democracy, and we will accomplish this feat by any means necessary. Even if it means invading other countries."

–Remark given by Grand Vizier Whit'chest a week after remarks about Alksearia(2020)


–Remarks made by Alt'va Tor'kum, Balistrian Ambassador to the International Forum (2020)


"I have one question, where is this nation?"

–Former Cascsdii ambassador Aleksy Niezgoda in the General Council of the International Forum referring to the nation of Nystatiszna (2020)


"It is in my belief that the first Religious Socialists were Socialists only by name. They ride the wave of popular spirit to deliver welfare alongside their preferred opiate to the masses, but it is still under the chains of religion in which the Clerical Class controls the Proletariat through the Means of Production, creating a Clerical Bourgeoisie."

–The Nature of the Schools of Socialism, Thomas 'Tarov' Hesse (1914)

"I do not like when Capitalists are called pigs. It is an insult to innocent swine to be compared to the injustices of the bourgeoisie."

–Quote reportedly said by Arith Linksi to Thomas Hesse in 1915, according to his Biography written by Jon Hertz (1923)

"If your first thought upon seeing your people starve on the streets is of who to blame rather than how to help, you are the ones to blame."

–Speech made by Akslav Merkov to the Council of Trade Unions (1939)

"Alter you? No, of course not. We will simply erase you, dear Alexis. The machines shall wipe away all you ever were or could be. And after we are done, what is left will thank us for allowing you to be normal."

–A Socialized Soul, Lev Warren (1941)

"They have such a lack of capacity for ideas that aren't their own, I feel as if trying to make a case against semding our men to die would sound no different to them than asking to extend a warranty on a Rekelta"

–The Militant Left, Andrei Vehr (2003)

"The idea that the choice between the SDP and their affiliates or the DWP and theirs is one of Socialism or Capitalism has never been true, it is a decision between peace and international cooperation or an ideological war. In my opinion, an ideology cannot represent the people if it can only be brought to power through bloodshed."

–A comment from a Taglev Pochta Newspaper Interview, made by Klara Sarinov (2008)

"These men and women died fighting for a cause they believed in, a cause in which Durakia has always stood for. Those who refuse to pay respects to them spit in the face of the very fabric our nation is built on."

–Speech made by Svetlana Bertov at the 2019 Meremaa Volunteers Memorial Service (2019)


"I rather attest to the position in which the path to Communism must be derived by each nation individually, and be dictated by the proper course for the people of that nation before we can hope to attain Global Communism."

–The Long Road, Ivica Petrovich (1978)


"Hello, Hello! We hope we are heard, speaking from the last Radio Communication we have left. We mark the day as Imperial Forces march in Zhar'osyk. We have resisted for nearly 6 seasons, but they have more men than we have arms. For all who may fight for our cause we give our thanks. We stand upon the precipice between Consciousness and the Wake, and as entropy's embrace is carried by these Zreiru'at we drop our guns and open our arms to the never-ending finality. The end is never the end is never the-"

–Final Radio Broadcast of the Government of the Kæra Collective Republic, Unknown Speaker (1916)

"This is what they sit behind their polling screens for. They sit eager in anticipation for which liar and cheat may stand atop them, and they call it Democracy. For those who wish to believe these are the greatest violations of their nation's laws by the elect, we offer nothing but the bliss of ignorance. Nevertheless, our position remains the same, it is not our Code of Laws they have spat upon."

–Reported comment by Zhanyl Kosaky Tsøka'fa on Democracy following the Microwave Affair (2008)


"We’re the Resource Control Board! We’re supposed to be in bed with Kyrlot businesses, not Kireitan ones!"

–Njiera Utla, dissenting MP for the Board during The Mauve Folder Scandal (2018)


"I smell profit! *laughs* Nice."

-William, Grand Duke of Nagato, (former) Duke of Aspertia (1941)

"Members of the National Council: Yesterday, November 25th, 1941 -- a date which will live in the hearts of us all -- the Duchy of Nagato was deliberately attacked by air and naval forces of the Imperial State of Nagato. The Duchy of Nagato was at peace with this nation and, at the solicitation of the Imperial State of Nagato, was still in conversation with its government and its chancellor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Sea of Gondwana. It will be recorded that the distance of Greenwood and Undella from the Imperial State of Nagato makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time, the Imperial State of Nagato's government has deliberately sought to deceive us by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace. The attack yesterday on Greenwood and Undella has caused severe damage to our military forces, of which we don't have much, along with government and economic stability. I regret to inform you that many lives have been lost due to the destructive strikes on East Genesis Island. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the people of the Duchy of Nagato in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. I believe that I interpret the will of the National Council and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the utmost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us. I ask that the Council declare a state of war between the Duchy of Nagato and the Imperial State of Nagato."

–William, Grand Duke of Nagato, (former) Duke of Aspertia (1941)


"When people is at their lowest, they become desperate, someone to help them, someone they can truly count on. This also at the time they unfortunatly is most likely to be exploited by wicked men and women, who will manipulate their way into a higher position. Often because of jealousy, hatred and anger. Because those are the thing that motivate truly wicked men and women, not because they are inherently evil at their heart, but because wicked and sinfull emotions is what guides them and nothing else."

–King Olav I of Norgsveldet, when hearing about the hirdist far right movements rising in popularity across Urth (2019)

"We are all equal under the gods, and may Odin show them wisdom to abandon their policies of discrimination."

–Princess Estrid, of Norgsveldet, commenting about the treatment of the nekomimi in Nystatiszna with solidarity with Crown Princess Ingrid of Norgsveldet (2021)


"Yes, I know the nekomimi smell bad but what does that have to-do with the share price?"

-Lord Gaute Tenold, a executive of the Borea Trading Company Board hearing news of the Nekomimi Slave revolt (1801)

"Akua loves each and everyone one of us without condition. Why can you not do the same?"

–Unknown priest speaking out during the June 6th protest (2021)

"We are under attack from every possible direction other than military action. From the inaction of the IF with the illegal Kurkian blockade to withholding desperately needed aid for the Tsunami. All in hopes they destroy Nystatiszna culture and our way of life. They claim the banner of equality yet they sit in their ivory towers with folks of their own breed. Make no mistake the world isn't against us for policies, it's just the excuse they need to divide our nation up for resources. They are the same imperialist nations our forebears fought so long against."

–Imperial Party Senator Kivrurn Cesuzrad speech to the public (2021)

"They are nekomimi but they are still Nystatinne."

–Imperial Party Senator Sofie Kallevik when asked if about rescuing Nekomimi during the Borea Tsunami (2021)

"Either by the sword or the ink. I vow to abolish the apartheid system. Equality isn't a option for some and a distant dream for other. Nekomimi are Nystatinne and their rights will be enforced."

–Then president-elect Ayo Hoshi on Pengu-1 after hearing news of KDP victory in the president election (2015)

"Zrei are by nature are class traitors until proven other wise. They need to be dealt with as such."

–Naylorbrookisza after signing disposal warrants (1930)


"Citizens, Comrades, Members of this nation who can still see the scars of the Morstaybishlian-backed Juntas, ask yourself as to why the MBE will not lift a finger to stop Pax from bringing us to the brink of another Great War. Ask yourself why the Prime Minister [of Morstaybishlia] cares not for the Puntalian people, and instead brought ships in support of Rodenia in 2020. Ask why Rodenia exists, and at every layer you will find out why we still speak of the Staynish as if they were a plague."

–Speech made by Koralin Aux̂in on the 2022 Puntalian Crisis (2020)


"It is the job of the Military to serve Khan and People. To fire upon the latter against the wishes of the former would be to subvert our purpose and betray our morals."

–Comment by General Jenkshi Khoga in response to then Prime Minister Khulan's call for military force against Protestors (2020)


"We saw you before. We saw you this week. We saw you Today. You did not see Us. You never do, and You shall never see Tomorrow."

–Calling card left at the remains of the Västrop Public Library at the beginning of the Za'lyr'zna Archive Fires (2010)


"I did not accept bribes from that company."

–Æthelred Wulfricson, Prime Minister of Tretrid, regarding allegations of corruption that would get him ousted from office (2016)

"There are reports of the use of tetraphosphorus-containing munitions from the front to mark out Balistrian positions, but any claims of their use as a chemical weapon are simply absurd."

Eoforwine Æthelstanson, Prime Minister of Tretrid, when asked on the use of white phosphorus in Balistria (2020)


"There is an often unmentioned disparity to the expressions of Art and War, in that most are less empathetic when Art reaches its end with a body count inseparably attached to it."

–The Uncivil Civilization, Gerrit D. Vosjam (1752)

"It is said we named the planets we saw, those presumably empty rocks, after old gods. Yet we stand upon this beautiful globe and call it 'Aarden' It is rather a humour of the universe that a planet of sentiant life may hold so much hubris and yet refer to the miracle of the Teplar System as simply Soil."

–Quote recorded by Gerrit J. Visser, reportedly said by Vistari Astronomer Rinus W. Kopp (1801)

“I am a tool, not a hero. I should rather be able to smile upon knowing our troops are safe rather than the glory received in my stead.”

–Attributed to Hilbert E. Wijnen in the prelude of the Defeat of Cao Clodagh (1807)

"To lead troops is to mix stoicism and empathy. I find it expedient to show the latter only after the enemy is felled."

–The Rules for Warfare Without Law, Hilbert E. Wijnen (1812)

"If we are to accept the existence of the God-on-Urth, then those who would claim to represent him while stealing the impoverished man’s wealth must be the most abhorrent of sinners."

–An Open Letter to those in the Clerical Institutions of the Grand Duchy of Telebrocht, Theodore A. Witten (1827)

"Both man and elf are born free, and should not see their rights replaced with chains if they have not deserved such a fate. The liberties I hold as a man must come with the duty of ensuring they are held equally by every citizen of Urth."

–The Meaning of Liberty, Alfred P. Wever (1829)

"Boss makes a Kruin, we don't make shit. So we'll throw our boss down the mining pit."

–Chant made by Popularists during the Swing Riots in Schemoer (1852)

"Those who live a life of no great physical labour find it easy to belittle the humble farmer, yet woe be inevitable to the fool that builds an empire without regard for the soil which all civillization is built upon."

–Swinger: The Nature of the Common Man and his Rightful Discontent, Theodore A. Witten (1854)

"Never have I felt a deeper connection to the soul of a creature than when Wilfred stood upon the entrance to that insult to reason standing before me, and absentmindedly defecated upon it. It was truly a memory that I shall not ask to pay any charter to reside within my mind."

–In Loathing Memory, Theodore A. Witten (1871)

"Advertising is the method in which even a perfect clock can be sold the time."

–Memoirs of Arjan Gustafzoon, Grand Duke of Noordkruispunt (1902)

"If it is to take you journalists months to realize you cannot review a book that is fabricated, I must ask if you have any right to demand trust from the people?"

–On De Paramnesie and the state of Modern Journalism, Hendrik J. Staathorpe (1950)

"Years of our labour so we may stand upon this lifeless sphere of stone, just to stare back at the Urth and for one moment imagine it as if it was full of only wonder and progress."

–Message on the first Lunar Plaque, accredited to Vistari Astronaut Karlijn H. Arnolts (1969)

"Would the twat of a Prime Minister like to meet with the soon-to-be pissed off Meagharians and Bananians if this treaty is passed?"

–Spoken by Jakob A. Klaver to Prime Minister Allard Baas in the House of Representatives on the matter of Vistari-Tavari Nuclear Cooperation (2021)