List of Administrations of Tuvaltastan

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Tuvaltastan has had 4 unique administrations since its independence from Salovia in 2006. Every year, each office listed below undergoes an election of confidence in the form of a binding referendum asking voters the question: "Has ___ executed their elected position in a manner you see fit?" The voter may answer in four ways: Yes, No, Abstain, or Other. If the majority of the people respond with "No," a special election is held for the position. If the majority respond with "Yes," they maintain their position until the next election of confidence.

Ministral Administrations of Tuvaltastan
Administration High-Minister Vice-Minister Chancellor Chamber Speaker Hall Speaker Years in Office
1 Victor Victrovavich NPT Yoriv Orolov TCP Erik Sergeyevich D Anton Danilovich TCP Lara Tarasovna Ind 2006-2008
2 Rorik Woloktov LTP Igor Korlov S Alyona Petrovavich Ind Anton Danilovich S Lara Tarasovna Ind 2008-2012
3 Abram Sokolov LTP Vladislav Vladisiliev S Alyona Petrovavich Ind Yorim Quralanolovich TGP Lara Tarasovna Ind 2012-2016
4 Mark Lirakov TGP Icarus Wazowski Soc Alyona Petrovavich Ind Czula Irozka Dem Vera Avorov Ind 2016-Present