Lance Partridge

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Lance Partridge
Lance Partridge (Tommy Douglas).jpg
Prime Minister of Nordenpunto
In office
July 1st, 1975 – June 7th, 1990
(served three consecutive terms)
Preceded by Chase Milton
Succeeded by Bernard Keenan
Leader of the Labour Party
In office
May 14th, 1973 – June 7th, 1990
Preceded by party created
Succeeded by Bernard Keenan
Personal details
Born March 26th, 1934
Dorion, RM, Northrenpynt
Died June 7th, 1990 (56 years old)
Frontenac, WK, Northrenpynt
Political party Labour Party
Alma mater University of Freyaelv

Lance Partridge was a Prime Minister of Nordenpunto. He is regarded as the "founding father of modern Nordenpunto" for his implementation of universal healthcare and holding the independence referendum. He tragically passed away on June 7th, 1990 in a car crash and never served the fourth term he had been elected for, being replaced by Bernard Keenan. No leader in the nation has ever surpassed his approval rating of 93%.