Klara Sarinov

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Her Excellency, Just Arbiter
Klara Sarinov
Sarinov during the 2009 vote of no confidence in the PSDP
Chairwoman of the Global Crisis Council
Assumed office
August 27th, 2020
Preceded byPosotion Established
Chairperson of the International Forum Security Council
Assumed office
August 27th, 2020 (de facto)
Febuary 19th, 2021 (de jure)
Secretary GeneralJoanna Hirov
Shano Tuvria
Remy Jacques
Jeromy Gride
Helena Reitz
Henrete Grodatur
Preceded byV. D. Mortimer
Leader of the Progressive Social Democratic Party
In office
September 12th, 2009 – July 14th, 2020
Deputy LeaderElena Mervich
Pyotr Schneider
Preceded byIrina Schneider
Succeeded byKoliana Obrista
Ambassador of Durakia to Great Morstaybishlia
In office
September 16th, 2011 – August 1st, 2020
Preceded byVladimir Rensof
Succeeded byLucas Alov
Ambassador of Durakia to Cryria
In office
March 11th, 2006 – August 23rd, 2009
Preceded byPaul Andrev
Succeeded byLoretta Becker
Welfare Union Representative for Agraya
In office
October 6th, 2008 – October 4th, 2012
Serving with Svetlana Heidler
Preceded byVladimir Tarovich
Arin Rensof
Succeeded byPaula Lucas
Personal details
Klara Lorensky Sarinov

(1983-03-06) 6 March 1983 (age 41)
Volsta, Durakia
Nationality Durakia
Political partyProgressive Labour Party (from 2021)
Other political
Progressive Social Democratic Party (2003-2021)
ResidenceRilanon, Christie Island
Alma materWesnov University of Progress

Klara Lorensky Sarinov (Born 6th March, 1983) is a Durakan Politician and former Ambassador serving as Chair of the Global Crisis Council and Security Council of the International Forum, holding these positions from the 27th August, 2020, though the latter only being acknowledged de jure at the February 2021 International Forum Charter Amendment. A member of the Progressive Labour Party of Durakia - formerly the Progressive Social Democratic Party, Sarinov found herself at the helm of the more leftist faction of the PSDP, despite it's nature as an affiliate party of the SDP. This fact led to her motioning a vote of no confidence against the residing party leader, Irina Schneider, in 2009, following actions made by Schneider to attempt to dissolve the party in a merger with the Social Democrats. The vote gave some notoriety to Sarinov and her faction, as well as their ideals of what would now be referred to as Vehrist Socialism. As such, with Schneider failing to gain the support of her own party, Sarinov took her place as leader in September 2009, with hard-line Vehrist-Socialist politician Elena Mervich becoming her deputy, though later replaced by Pyotr Schneider in an olive branch gesture to the moderate wing of the party in late 2014. She later resigned from leadership to take a leadership role in the founding of the Global Crisis Council in 2020.

Early Life and Education

Sarinov was born in the city of Volsta, Durakia to Mikhail Lorensky and Paula Sarinov as the youngest of three siblings.

She attended Bernstein Secondary School in Volsta, gaining her first experience of political life within the Volsta Students' Union, serving as Vice President in 1999 until her time in higher education.

Sarinov at age 16, taken during her time at Volsta People's College

She would gain exceptional grades in the Volsta People's College, allowing her to enrol at the Wesnov University of Progress, where she would study for two degrees, a Bachelor's in Political Science and her Master's in International Relations. During her time at college, she would join the 'Students for Social Democracy' organization in 2001, eventually joining the Progressive Social Democratic Party in 2003.

Early Career

Sarinov began her career while still studying for her MIR, gaining a position amongst the so-called Diplomatic Corps of the Durakan Foreign Affairs Office at a time in which the Volscine Civil War was a major foreign policy issue for Durakia, especially so with the now increased need to look for other sources of food imports due to the inaccessibility of Volscine goods that would continue even after the war following the Kayrin Administration's embargo of Volscina. Following her graduation, Sarinov was appointed to the position of Ambassador to Cryria, a role which she would serve for three years. Despite intermittently cold or uneasy relations between the two nations, dating back to their conflict in the Great War, Sarinov was regarded for her "tireless efforts" in producing a more positive and cooperative relationship between the two, regularly meeting with future IF Secretary-General Helena Reitz in her role as the Cryrian foreign minister. While gaining a concrete measurement of her impact is near-impossible, it is regarded by some in the Durakan Diplomatic Corps that the period between 2008 and the ascention of Tarov Hyla in 2018 marked the warmest relations between Durakia and Cryria in their history.

Political Career and PSDP Leadership

Early Political Career

As a member of the PSDP, Sarinov was notable for her socialistic views, leaning left of a majority of her party. This fact is often attributed to Sarinov's general disenfranchisement with the DWP over the policies made relating to the Arkian Civil War, to which Sarinov herself stood in opposition to. This period of socialistic politicians defecting to the SDP and it's affiliates soon changed the party's image from one much more supportive of the current economic system, with Horis Adley's promise that "Socialism will not be torn down by the SDP, all we will do is allow to end if it fails the People" during the 2008 Trade Union elections that saw a rise of less hard-line social democratic candidates like Sarinov to positions of influence with the SDP and PSDP. It would be in the backdrop of this election that the SDP gained a major victory, with Sarinov becoming a Welfare Union Representative for Agrarya and joining the many other SDP-aligned politicians in the Durakan Legislature.

In an interview with the left-wing newspaper "Taglev Pochta", Sarinov stated her reasoning for her political affiliation, stating "The idea that the choice between the SDP and their affiliates or the DWP and theirs is one of Socialism or Capitalism has never been true, it is a decision between peace and international cooperation or an ideological war. In my opinion, an ideology cannot represent the people if it can only be brought to power through bloodshed."

2009 PSDP Leadership Challenge

Quickly rising up the ranks in her party, Sarinov found herself in contention with current leader Irina Schneider, whom Sarinov believed did not represent the state of her party following the 2008 SDP-PSDP Shift, alienating Progressive Socialists such as Sarinov and her peers. The breaking point for the rising dissonance in the party was June 2009, with Schneider revealing her new proposed manifesto at the 2009 Party Conference. Elena Mervich and other leftists within the party denounced the manifesto, noting its blatant copying of the 2008 SDP Manifesto, with Mervich reportedly stating "If you [Schneider] truly wants this manifesto, I frankly wonder why you aren't calling for a merger with the SDP", upon Schneider responding that she frankly would not be opposed to such, Sarinov formally requested to put forward a motion of no confidence in the current leadership of the PSDP.

With the general unpopularity of Schneider in the party's mainstream, as well as the unanimous support of the party's left wing, the motion was carried, forcing Schneider to resign, Deputy Leader Antony Zhukov was given the position of Acting Leader, to which he cooperated with Sarinov and her allies to begin preparations for leadership elections in the Summer, with Sarinov running against two other major candidates, hard-line Social Democrat Wilhelm Kozlov and more moderate 'soft-left' leaning Katerina Wiltke. Sarinov, gaining 39.87% of the First Choice vote, became the front runner following the first round in early August, likely leading to Adley affirming that the SDP was willing to recognize and cooperate with whoever won the election. Following the Second Round between Wiltke and Sarinov in September, Sarinov was announced victor of the election with 53.55% of the total vote, seeing her rise to the position of Party Leader on the 12th. Elena Mervich was appointed as her deputy, making the notion clear that the PSDP would be reforming along more socialistic lines.

PSDP Leadership

Pink Quadrennium (2010-2014)


SDP-DWP Cooperation (2014-2018)


Under the Hyla-Petrov Coalition (2018-2020)


Withdrawal from Durakan Politics


Diplomatic Career

Ambassador to the MBE


Forming the Global Crisis Council


GCC & IFSC Chairperson

"Soft Coup" of the Security Council


Integration of the GCC into the IF


Personal Life

Sarinov is generally regarded as prefering to keep her personal life as private, with the writings of her collegues within the PSDP and the SC correspondant to the IF Journal, Sarinov has been described as extremely dedicated to her work over even most private matters. Other than illness, Sarinov has taken only a singular period of leave from her position within the IF, which she took to attend the funeral of Horis Adley.

With her relative privacy, Sarinov's relationahip status has remained unknown besides her following the Durakan custom of remaining unmarried. Common believed to be Pansexual, Sarinov confirmed the detail in an interview given after her ascention to the IFSC Chair, though noted that it was an inquiry she was unsure needed to be made.

Sarinov speaks Durakan natively, with college-level qualifications in Tretridian and Staynish. She is also able to speak Norvian and Cryrian, though only the latter fluently.

She has self-identified as an Atheist, though noted a willingness to have her mind changed by any reasonable evidence, and has in the past stood in the defense of freedom of religion in Durakia.