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Collective Purity of Kæra'zna

Kæra'zna Kæ'zhadny Ny'kæd (Kæzhyn)
Flag of Kæra'zna
Flag of Kæra'zna
Anthem: (Staynish "Ode to Nihil")
and largest city
Official languagesKæzhyn
Recognized Diplomatic LanguagesVaaran
Ethnic groups
100% Az'ra Elf
54.2% Atheist - Cult Nihilism
14.6% Cardinial
13.4% Cardinial Erulana
10.1% Cardinial Asatru
7.7% Other Irreligious
GovernmentUnitary Ritual-Nihilist Technocratic Authoritarian Republic
• Zhanyl
LegislatureBoard of Collective Truth
Higher Directorate
Steering Committee
Reestablishment after Zreiru'at Occupation
• Formation of Government-In-Exile
22 July 1916
• Reconquest of Sæ'puk
12 November 1917
• Liberation of Zhar'osyk
19 February 1918
• Reinstatement of the Board
13 March 1918
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyKæra Ky'pu tsæk (KAK)
Time zoneUTC+2:30 (Kæra Collective Time)
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideleft
Calling code+404
ISO 3166 codeKRA
Internet TLD.ka

The Collective Purity of Kæra'zna (Kæzhyn: Kæra'zna Kæ'zhadny Ny'kæd), more commonly referred to as simply Kæra'zna, is a relatively sparsely populated nation in North-Eastern Borea. It has a land border with Nystatiszna to the West. It contains 348,000 Elves, the small number owed to its borderline inhospitable Rotantic climate, ban on permanent immigration in most cases and its program involving liberal use of Involuntary Euthanasia as a method of eugenic cleaning of the population from those deemed undesirable and a waste of State Resources, keeping its population only through a forced breeding program of those it deems desirable and successful. Due to this policy this nation has been declared to be the only recorded example of a presently existing true Ethnostate.