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The Kéyan Republic

La République Kéyanoise (Kéyan)
Flag of Kéya
Motto: “Sous l'œil des montagnes, l'éternité nous viendra.” (Kéyanois)
“Under the watchful eye of the mountains, eternity awaits us.”
Anthem: Glorieuse Kéya
and largest city
Official languagesKéyan
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
• Présidente de la République
Arrabelle Baudin
LegislatureAssemblée populaire
(upper house)
(lower house)
Part of the State of Kéya
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyKirib ()
Time zoneUTC+5
Date formatYYYY/MM/DD CE
Driving sideleft
Calling code+83
ISO 3166 codeKYA
Internet TLD.kya

Kéya (Kéyan: /keja/), officially the Kéyan Republic (Kéyan: République Kéyanoise), is a country located in southwest Aurora with overseas territories in Arcturia. It is a constituent of the State of Kéya, which is part of Grande-Kéya, which is also comprised of Almâru, Asfadailla, and [Belle-Fortune]. It is bordered by Korstazia (Axdel) to the west and Valeria (Great Morstaybishlia) to the east. It is located south of the Zycannes mountain range. The nation and its islands are home to an estimated 63 million people as of 2023.



Prehistory and early history

Early Antiquity


Medieval Era


Government and politics

Structure of Grande-Kéya

Grande-Kéya is comprised of the State of Kéya and the Overseas Territories.

State of Kéya

The State of Kéya is composed of the Kéyan Republic and the __ Caliphate.

Kéyan Republic

The Kéyan Republic is the largest, most populous, and most important constituent of Grande-Kéya. The President of the republic is the head of state. They are elected by simple majority by the members of the lower house. These members are elected by citizens of Kéya every five years. The lower house also appoints the members of the upper house.

Though the political system is styled similarly to a presidential republic, it resembles a parliamentary republic in function.


The __ Caliphate is a hereditary spiritual title that holds the leadership of the Hakikan faith. Its former temporal holdings formed the present Kéyan Republic and its overseas territories, which were relinquished in the transition to a full democracy. From a legal perspective, this entity only exists for the Hakikani.

The Caliph oversees Hakikani religious affairs throughout the world. They are advised by the Caliphal Council, which is composed of religious scholars elected by Hakikani. The Caliph issues non-binding religious edicts after consultation with the council.

Overseas territories

The Overseas Territories of Almâru, Asfadailla, and [Belle-Fortune] are led by individual Chancellors and their territorial assemblies. These assemblies have limited powers in matters of foreign relations and military affairs, which are handled by the Kéyan Republic. The President of Kéya is considered the head of state of the territories.