Justelvardic Unionist Party

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Justelvardic Unionist Party
LeaderGreta Gonwager (on leave)
Deputy LeaderArran Samsey (deputising)
Founded17 April 2014
HeadquartersPort Makuh, Justelvard, Great Morstaybishlia
IdeologyMorstaybishlian nationalism
Morstaybishlian unionism
progressive conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
International affiliationNone
Colors  Gold
Seats in the House of Representatives
15 / 1,794

The Justelvardic Unionist Party (JUP, occasionally referred to as the Unionist Party or Unionists) is a unionist political party in Justelvard favouring Morstaybishlian identity. It was formed in 2014, replacing the Progressive Conservatives as the main political party in the Justelvardic Parliament. When leader and Justelvard Prime Minister Arran Samsey signed the Acts of Union with Morstaybishlian Prime Minister Walter Johannes in 2016, the party led a devolved administration in Justelvard for three years until the 2019 Great Morstaybishlia general election where it fully integrated with Kalmington Palace in Sani Bursil.