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Flag of Justelvard
Flag of Justelvard
Motto: Shielded by Leaves.
Justelvard (dark green), Great Morstaybishlia (light green), territories (dark grey)
Justelvard (dark green), Great Morstaybishlia (light green), territories (dark grey)
Names of islands within Justelvard
Names of islands within Justelvard
and largest city
Port Makuh
Official languagesStaynish
Recognised regional languagesJūs
Ethnic groups
96% Human

3.9% Vulpine

0.1% Other
Demonym(s)Justelvardic, Justic
• King
Lambertus VII
Franklin Barvata
LegislatureNational assembly
• 2019 census
CurrencyKirib (♅/KRB)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left
ISO 3166 codeJUS
Internet TLD.mbe

Justelvard is a country that is apart of Great Morstaybishlia. It shares land borders on one island with East Malaysia and Tivot. The country mainly consists of humid jungle-like islands in the south of the Packilvanian Ocean and the north-west of the Morstaybishlian Sea It neighbours the Kohatu Isles (The Oan Isles). The country has a population of around 16.41 million people, with about 900 thousand living in Port Makuh, 876 thousand in Miamano, 716 thousand in Dostega, 518 thousand in Jurisesk and 497 thousand in Mawacu.

The land was made up of two nations before 1604; Justelvard and Kistelvard. Individually these states has limited and weak power and was sought after by both the Caven Empire and the newly United Kingdom of Morstaybishlia. Morstaybishlia acted first and began the Morsto-Justelvard War, which led Justelvard and Kistelvard to combine forces to defend the islands. Nonetheless, the war resulted in a Morstaybishlian victory. Under the Empire, the region emerged into the modern world as a powerful trade icon.

Justelvard gained independence in 1975 following an agreement with the Morstaybishlian Government for their involvement in the Auroran Imperial War known as the 1975 Justelvard Independence Act. Justelvard's Head of State from 1975 to 2016 remained the sovereign bloodline of Morstaybishlia and its similar culture and mix of ethnic Staynish and Caltharusian residents eventually led Justelvard to apply for member status of Great Morstaybishlia similarly to how South Staynes did so in 1977. The Kingdom of Justelvard entered into a political union with the Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia on the 16th of December 2016 to create the United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard. The union also created a new Parliament of Great Morstaybishlia, which succeeded both the Parliament of Justelvard and the Parliament of Great Morstaybishlia.