Johanns Ragnarson

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Grand Marshal
Johanns Ragnarson
State potrait of Johanns
Commandant of East Ragnarstat
Assumed office
11th January 2005
Preceded byNone
Leader of the Legion of Jarls
In office
6th November 1991 – 11th January 2005
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Leader of Ragnarstat Heritage Party
In office
1st November 1991 – 11th January 2005
Preceded byNone
Succeeded bySara Avrer
Personal details
Johanns Ragnarson

(1891-10-01) 1 October 1891 (age 131)
Østbrønby, Syrtænzna
Nationality Syrtænzna

Johanns Ragnarson is the seperatist leader of the breakaway state of the State of East Ragnarstat that declared independence from Syrtænzna on the 11th January 2005, which it is still at war with. As Commandant of East Ragnarstat hold complete control of both civilian and military affairs, in which many state is because of his connection with Blaskog which given its support him as a result of Ragnarson's Pro-Blåskogian polical commitments.

Ragnarson was incharge of the terrorist group, Legion of Jarls, which was the paramilitary wing of the Ragnarstat Heritage Party staged a terrorist attacks at the city of Østbrønby after the Minister-President of Ragnarstat, Hannah Storda, resigned after mass protests against her in the city of Eribyen as result of corruption scandal that showed her taking large bribes from the King of Blaskog. Though it is disputed if Storda had any deep Pro-Blåskogian sympathies, misinformation spread by members of Ragnarstat Heritage Party spun it as such, with Ragnarson stated in a video that: "Once more these corrupt federalists has tried to weaken Ragnarstat, Hannah Storda was true patriot of our people, now the federalists has put a puppet!" Month later Ragnarson led the Legion of Jarls into occupying large swaths of territory in Eastern Ragnarstat, and announced their ambition to seperate from Syrtænzna and to seek ties with Blaskog.