Jeromy Gride

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His Excellency
Jeromy Gride
Jeromy gride i guess.jpg
Official portrait of Gride as Ambassador to the International Forum, 2020
International Forum Secretary-General
Assumed office
21 Feb 2022
DeputyFerdynand Mokry
Preceded byRemy Jacquet
Ambassador of Mexregiona to the International Forum General Council
In office
1 June 2020 – 21 Feb 2022
Preceded bySleve McDichael
Succeeded byAnatoli Smorin
Ambassador of Mexregiona to the International Forum Security Council
In office
18 August 2021 – 21 Feb 2022
Preceded byState Newly Elected
Succeeded byState Not Re-Elected
Secretary-General of the Rotantic Congress
In office
1 June 2016 – 30 May 2020
Preceded byJanos Belko
Succeeded bySandor Janey
Ambassador of Mexregiona to Asendavia
In office
1 October 2012 – 30 May 2016
Preceded byAfszana Damiani
Succeeded byGábor Kelemen
Scrivener of State
In office
1 October 2012 – 30 September 2008
Preceded bySzabolcs Mathai
Succeeded byWillie Dustice
Personal details
Born (1968-02-21) 21 February 1968 (age 54)
Polgarimagna, Mexregiona
Residence1517 NW Vine St, Rilanon, Christie Island
Alma materDropdatderp University,
Dropdatderp, Mexregiona

Jeromy Gride (b. 21 February 1968) is the current Secretary-General of the International Forum, having been elected for the Spring 2022 term. As Secretary-General, he is the chief administrative officer of the organization, heading the secretariat, and also the presiding officer of the General Council. Prior to his election to that office, Gride was the chief Ambassador of Mexregiona to the International Forum. In that position, he served as a member of the Security Council when Mexregiona was elected to that organ for the Autumn 2021 term.

In the past, Gride has served as Secretary-General of the Rotantic Congress, as the Mexregionan Ambassador to Asendavia, and as Mexregiona's Scrivener of State, a position analogous to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in other countries. The Scrivener of State is also the chief administrative officer of the country's civil service, experience which along with his service in the Rotantic Congress Gride cited as positive reasons to elect him to the position of IF Secretary-General.