Isis Gay

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Isis Gay
Isis Gay in 2010
Isis Gay in 2010
4th Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Novaris
Assumed office
Preceded by TBD
Aponivian Representative to the League of Novaris
Assumed office
Preceded by Position established
Member of the Aponivian Parliament
for Frontenac
In office
July 1st, 1995 – June 31st, 2015
Preceded by Germain Moreau
Personal details
Born Isis Abigail Gay
(1967-03-23) March 23, 1967 (age 54)
Beaconsfield, Northrenpynt
Political party Labour
Children 2
Alma mater
  • Beaconsfield High
  • Technical University of Klippezackt in Frontenac (DCS in Arts and Sciences, 1987)
Occupation Politician, scientist

Isis Abigail Gay (born March 23rd, 1967) is a Aponivian politician and diplomat serving as the fourth Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Novaris. A member of the Labour Party, she served as the mayor of Frontenac from 1995 to 2001 and a member of Nordenpuntian parliament from 2005 to 2015. She has been described as a "centrist" and "left-leaning" in her later years but was generally further left when she started her career.

Early life[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Gay was born and raised in Beaconsfield, Northrenpynt, the daughter of Hannibal Gay (1942–1996) and Rosanne Durant (born 1945).

She attended Beaconsfield High, where she graduated in 1984 having served as the student council president for her last two years. She studied sciences and arts at the Hofbauer Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Technical University of Klippezackt in Frontenac. She graduated in 1987 and started an academic career as an assistant professor, before leaving academic life to start a political career.

Political career[edit | edit source | hide]

Mayor of Frontenac[edit | edit source | hide]

Though having been involved in political spheres for most of her life, Gay first unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Frontenac in 1991, against incumbent Gilles Plourde. She ran again in 1995, this time successfully being elected as mayor. She served for one four-year term and partially served her second term before resigning due to health complications related to breast cancer.

Member of parliament[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2005, she was elected to parliament for the district of Frontenac as a member of the Labour Party, which she had been involved in for most of her life. She served two consecutive terms under the Talbot Administration, as the Minister of Science and Technology. She was offered to run for office again in 2015, but declined, stating that she wanted to spend more time with her family.

League of Novaris[edit | edit source | hide]

Isis, having shown a particular interest in the newly founded League of Novaris, was appointed by Erick Blue as the Aponivian representative in late 2017. She ran for Secretary-General of the LN during the 2020 elections. She came in second place, after Æthelwine Heardson, who appointed her as the Deputy Secretary-General.

On August 18, 2020, Gay was the only representative to cast a vote in favour of Tavaris becoming a member-state. The nation notably assures the defense of Aponivia, and is home to the Akronian Church, which is indirectly followed by many Labokroans.

2021 Campaign[edit | edit source | hide]

Gay will be running for Secretary-General once more in 2021, alongside Schlesian running mate Erika Voss, her future Deputy Secretary-General.

Following the launch of the "Gay-Voss 2021" campaign, Gay stated that she "was very excited to work allongside another strong female politician", later adding that she "think[s] Voss has done fantastic work in Schlesia, and her deputyship would be more than beneficial to the League." Their platform has been described as relatively centrist in nature, with a good amount of left-leaning policies. This broadly reflects both women's political views.

Gay and Voss have made a significant amount of campaign promises both formally and informally:

  • Further advancement, funding, and expansion of the Novaran Transport Network;
    • Isis wants to convince large metropolitain areas to better integrate their existing public transit with the NTN
  • Securing funding for the completion of the LN Headquarters in Klippezackt;
  • Strengthening commerical ties within the continent;
    • Lowering or removing tarifs between member-states for free-flowing trade across the continent
    • Construction of new international roads and upgrading existing ones
    • Maintaining old rail lines for cargo useage
    • Ensuring that, in the event of a war outside the continent,
  • Setting up a larger emergency fund;
  • Recognising climate change and setting up a comitee to assure the League's activities don't negatively affect the planet for future generations;
  • Reassessing the possibility of semi-open borders between some member-states;
    • Voss has previously suggested that regions could have open borders between them, only encountering checkpoints when these regions meet
  • Addition of a Representative for the League of Novaris in the International Forum[1];
  • Promoting a pro-queer agenda.
    The Gay-Voss 2021 campaign logo.

References[edit | edit source | hide]

  1. Nations would still send their own diplomats to conferences but this would mean the League could send one too.