Ishak I

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Ishak I was the High King of Packilvania from 1275 CE to 1319 CE and founder of the Zubrayn Dynasty's rule over Packilvania. He was the Prince of the Tashkar Principality and ruled the city of Tashkar and surrounding areas from his birth at 1260 CE. Tashkar was a client state of the Kingdom of Bingol, as such it paid regular tribute. King Jurin IV, then his overlord, began levying high tributes that damaged the economy of Tashkar.

He sent an Embassy asking King Jurin IV to lower the tribute required for Tashkar. Other Princes and Lords under the Bingolian suzerainty supported Tashkar's request by King Jurin IV rejected it. Tashkar refused to pay the tribute completely. Bingol sent soldiers to brutally force Tashkar to pay the tribute. Tashkar was able to successfully repel their forces.

Ishak I asked the other Lords to do the same. He called them to Tashkar and they swore loyalty to his cause. King Jurin IV sent forces to the other tributaries. Thinly spread out, he struggled to get the Lords under control. Prince Ishak Zubrayn amassed an army and attacked Bingol. His original plan was to force Jurin IV to provide autonomy to the Lords and lower the tribute. However, Jurin IV's army performed so dismally that Ishak I simply took over Bingol. His Lords swore fealty to him.

Using Bingol forces combined with his sub-lords, he has surrounding tribes swear fealty to him or be conquered. His forces proliferated throughout Central Yasteria and reunited many of the former territories of the First United Kingdom of Packilvania. Such that he Crowned himself the High King of Packilvania and proclaimed the re-establishment of the Second United Kingdom of Packilvania.