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The Imperial People's Fund of the Akuan State of Nystatiszna comprises three entirely separate sovereign wealth funds and four state-own companies owned by the government of Nystatiszna. The organization was created by the Imperial Party in 1965, which aimed to unify the varies state companies and wealth funds.

The People's Mineral and Metal Profits also known as the Grey Fund, was established in 2021 to invest the surplus revenues of the Nystatinne mining and refining sector. It's primary funds the investment of creating new transportation infrastructure and in rural towns. Such investment projects include paving roads, community centers, stores and agricultural cooperatives. The fund maintains ownership of the stated-own railway company which operations all the current train operations within Nystatiszna, including streetcars.

The People's Forestry and Agricultural Profits known as Green Fund, established in 1930 by Naylorbrookisza is created to collect the surplus revenues from the lumber, farming, ranching and fishing state-owned companies then place into Newport and Tømmer's city's budget. Naylorbrookisza's goal in the fund was to "create the twin cities of tomorrow" and has been used to create many fantastical buildings in the city. The fund has also acted as Naylorbrookisza's personal building budget such as the Scarlet Castle. Later in January 2022, the Green Fund was re-focused away from providing a bonus to the two cities budgets and provide additional resources for agricultural industry. Such as funding of tractors, fertilizers and other needed upgrades for the state owned farms.

The People's Fishing and Food Service the Blue Fund, established in 1969 by the Imperial Party collects previously stated-own company Twin Penguin Seafoods and previously owned Nystatinne Whaling Fleet. Redirects profits from the companies and directs towards the Nystatiszna's border walls. Fund was created in order to stim the tide of Kemonomimi fleeing the country. However in 2021 the Twin Penguin Seafoods was sold off to Kæra'zna with aims of using the profits from the sale to fund another food source producing company. Again in December 2021, the whaling fleet was bought by an Cryrian bank and billionaire whale enthusiast Gustaf Sundtröm, reshaping the fleet into one for whale tourism and rebranding it as Fantøm Whales. The Blue Fund much like the Green Fund was re-structured to provide additional sea-foods sources and away from funding the border walls on the border. In March 2022, the Fund Committee voted in favor of establishing a luxury restaurant chain, with the aim of promoting Nystatinne cuisines abroad and promote high-end culture.

Funding Committee

The committee in charge of the sovereign wealth fund is made of 6 chairs and small number of under committee members. The Committee is headed by the Nystatinne Emperor/Empress, who maintains complete control over approving or denying policies and investments. The 6 chairs are considered to be trusted members of the country who are expected to advise the monarch on matters. The under committee members are made up of democratically elected representatives from the workers from the state-owned companies, they have no say in the matter and can only be allowed to speak when a chair asks them too. The current monarch in charge of the fund is Matriarch Ingrid.

The 6 Chairs