Iellif Sadzhgrzashvili

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Iellif Sadzhgrzashvili
Statue of Iellif in Korobi, Tuvaltastan
Personal details
Iellif Sadzhgrzashvili

3 September 785
Korobi, Tuvaltastan
Died30 January 852(852-01-30) (aged 66)
Chita, Baykalia

Iellif Sadzhgrzashvili was a Salovian intellectual, philosopher, mathematician, and inventor during the First Golden Age of Salovia. He is best known for his Mzeocentric Model of the Teplar System, which at the time was widely dismissed by colleagues. Later, more contemporary astronomers during the Second Golden Age determined the Mzeocentric model to be a more accurate view of the universe.