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International Coalition of Association Football
TypeSports federation
Founded21 September, 1902
HeadquartersRilanon, Christie Island
Area served
Key people
Norman Griffith (Chairman)
Matthias Jerome Barrett (UCAFC)
Žiedune Pavasaryte (GFC)
Jeb Bush (COYBIAF)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesCOYBIAF (Yasteria, Borea, & Itur)
GFC (Gondwana)
FAN (Novaris)
UCAFC (Arctura & Concord)
FCAPI (Aurora)

ICAF is an international governing body of association football, beach football and futsal. It was founded in 1902 to oversee international competition between the great powers of the world. Headquartered in Rilanon, Christie Island, it comprises of member-states from all 7 major continents and all 5 continental footballing federations.

Its main goals include growing association football internationally, providing efforts to ensure it is accessible to everyone, and advocating for integrity and fair play. It holds many major tournaments, most notably the World Cup and Women's World Cup. Both having commenced in 1930.

There have recently been numerous accusations of corruption and bribery when Nystatiszna was selected as the host of the 2024 World Cup. As many believe the developing nation is not capable of hosting such a large tournament, and are concerned with sapient rights abuses that occur within the nation.