Grand Crown of Greater Oa

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Heraldic version of Grand Crown of Greater Oa is coloured similarly to how it looks in real life.
Royal coat of arms of the Oan Isles has Grand Crown coloured slightly differently from the normal version

The Grand Crown of Greater Oa (Oan: Te Karauna Nuinui o te Rohenui o te Oa) is a regal headdress that serves as the official crown of the Emperor of Greater Oa The crown is used in official occasions such as Coronations, openings of the legislature and other solemn occasions. It is owned by the Government of the Oan Isles and is kept in the Treasury of the Palace of Putangitangi as part of the Crown Jewels Collection. It does not belong to the Emperor in his personal capacity thus he may not sell, dispose or change it without the approval of the Council of Ministers. The Crown was created in 1756 by Oan jeweler, Ingamotu Kahare. Kahare was trained by Staynish jeweler, William Seabrook. The crown was commissioned by Emperor Waitangi II. The jewelry came from the Emperor's personal possession. As part of the democratisation process and to prevent Emperor's from selling the crown due to financial troubles, Emperor Mikaere donated the crown to the government with the view that it would only be used by the Emperor for official occasions. The physical crown must be distinguished from the entity called the Crown of Greater Oa The Crown of Greater Oa refers to the incorporeal entity from which Oan political authority emanates and is vested in the Emperor of Greater Oa Whereas the term "Grand Crown" refers to the physical headdress. The Crown has been in use since its creation, however, it has been modified and revised and more jewelry added to enhance its beauty and grandeur. It consists of a golden circlet rimmed with silver and covered with sapphires, diamonds and emeralds on the outer surface and lined with long white and black bird feathers on the inside that rise prominently above the head. A drawing of the crown is used as the Oan Isles' heraldic crown. This artefact is so dearly prized by the Oan people that the government declared it a National Treasure.