Fortunan Empire

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Fortunan Empire

Impero Fortunano
CapitalImperial Fortunan City
Emperor (1017-1275) 
• 1017-1038 (first)
Faro I
• 1270-1275 (last)
Fridericus I
High Commander (1275-1430) 
• 1275-1288 (first)
Valence VI
• 1423-1430 (last)
Emperor (1430-1640) 
• 1430-1465 (first)
Ausiliatrice II
• 1602-1640 (last)
Vespero II
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Fortuna
Grand Principality of Novaglie
Grand Principality of Rosa
Grand Principality of Terine
Kingdom of Eridani Theta
Today part ofFortuna New New Flag.png Fortuna
Sorentavia Flag.png Sorentavia