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Tretrid recognizes most nations on Urth, save for a few notable exceptions, such as the states of Southwest Gondwana. This recognition extends to the existence of embassies between Tretrid and other states.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Älemsi Negdel
Template:Country data Aponivia 1917 See Aponivia–Tretrid relations

Tretrid maintained regular diplomatic relations with the Aponivian constituent states before the formation of the Aponivian confederation in 1917.

Antora 1584 See Antora-Tretrid relations

Antora established a formal consulate in 1681 and an Embassy in 1926, in line with their modernized diplomatic protocols.

Cryria 1421
Durakia 1937 See Durakia–Tretrid relations
Dvalheim 1980
Ekvatora 1923 Ekvatori-Tretridian diplomatic engagement was halted with the evacuation of the Tretridian embassy in 1959 at the outbreak of the Ekvatori Revolutionary War and would not resume until 1968.
Gräntierik 1681
Kelamí League 1683
Kuthernburg See Kuthernburg–Tretrid relations
Lapinumbia 1510 See Lapinumbia–Tretrid relations

Tretrid and Lapinumbia were historically allies from the 1510 Cynebury Conference until the 17th century, after which they were major geopolitical rivals until the 19th century Tretridio-Lapinumbian War, after which the two countries eventually reconciled. Tretrid and Lapinumbia were the founding partners of the Council of South Novaris.

Meagharia 2017 See Meagharia–Tretrid relations
Mexregiona 1423
Seccera 2020 See Seccera–Tretrid relations
 Transnalpia 1927
Varentine League
Varletia 1922
Vesienväl 1620 Tretridian-Vesienvällic diplomatic activity was temporarily halted in 1948 due to the Vesienvällic Civil War and would not resume until 1955.
 Volscina 1750 See Tretrid–Volscina relations





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