Export-Import Bank of Packilvania

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The Export-Import Bank of Packilvania (Packilvanian: luMonaat aluBazrazayeen nadine luKiskazayeen aBakhilfaniya, MOBAKIBA) is a state-owned export credit agency of Packilvania.

The bank was founded in 1992 by the passage of the Export-Import Bank Act (luKhanon aluMonaat aluBazrazayeen nadine luKiskazayeen) by the Parliament of Packilvania signed by Sultan of Packilvania Amhoud II. The purpose of the Bank is promote the export of Packilvanian goods and services abroad.

It provides financing to Packilvanian businesses that export their goods and services abroad and to businesses that facilitate the exportation of goods and services abroad. This includes provide insurance and credit. Secondly the bank, lends money to foreign countries to import goods and services from Packilvania. For instance, if a business in a foreign country wants to finance the purchase of goods and services from Packilvania, they can approach the Export-Import Bank of Packilvania for credit.

Generally the terms of payment and the interest rates are favourable compared to other market solutions, however the bank prefers to lend money to governments and state-owned institutions instead of private or predominantly private businesses due to the difficulty in enforcing repayment. The Export-Import Bank is more likely to lend money to private businesses in foreign countries if there are appropriate debt repayment enforcement mechanisms and agreements in place.