Economy of the UNAC

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Economy of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent
  • Kirib
  • Asilican mark
  • Andorinhean escudo
  • K'undzetian provisional mark
Trade organisations
United Nations of the Auroran Continent
Country group
GDP34,809,549,137,899 KRB
GDP rank1
GDP growth
GDP per capita
32,675 KRB
1% (Auroran Central Bank)
Population below poverty line
Labour force
Main industries
Financial services, information technology, telecommunications, aerospace, defence, tourism, shipping and logistics, real estate, retail, professional services, automobile manufacturing
Export goods
Automobiles, integrated circuits, electronics, space vehicles, precision instruments, software, aerospace, armaments, watches, fossile fuel, copper, ferrous metals, cereals, meat
Main export partners
Peregrinia, Packilvania, Volkia, League of Novaris, UCA and United Confederation of Concordian States
Import goods
Industrial machinery, robotics, cement and construction sand, fruits, luxury goods, automobiles, electronics, military hardware, aerospace, consumer goods, textiles
Main import partners
Peregrinia, Packilvania, Volkia, League of Novaris, UCA and United Confederation of Concordian States
FDI stock
Public finances
Foreign reserves

All values, unless otherwise stated, are in Kiribs.

The economy of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent (UNAC) is the largest customs and free trade area on Urth. As of 22 March 2022, the economy of the UNAC comprises 20 sovereign nation-states. 19 of the member states of the UNAC are upper income nations while 1 is an upper middle income nation. 17 out of 20 member states of the UNAC including one other non-UNAC nation (i.e., Baykalia) are members of the Kirib Monetary Union (Kiribzone) using the kirib as their sole legal tender.

Legal framework

The laws of the UNAC govern the economy of the UNAC. The power to make laws which control the economy of the UNAC are shared by the UNAC and the member states. The Commission of the UNAC proposes and executes legislation while the Auroran Parliament and the Council of the UNAC discuss and approve legislative proposals. The Council of the UNAC can pass temporary or extraordinary acts which can circumvent existing laws which govern the UNAC economy. The treaties of the UNAC namely the Charter of the UNAC are the highest laws and they guarantee free trade, travel and movement of capital and create systems and structures for the coordination of economic, trade and fiscal policy among UNAC member states. Member states of the UNAC vary widely in their ideological stances but they all share some form of mixed socialist-capitalist economics.


The Kirib is the legal tender of all the member states of the UNAC except for The Andorinhões (which uses the Andorinhean escudo), Xiopothos (which used the Xiopothos dollar), Asilica (which uses the Asilica mark) and K'undzeti which is transitioning from the Provisional Mark - a currency pegged to the Vistari Gildemark. Once that transition is complete, 18 out of 22 of the member states of the UNAC will use the kirib as their sole legal tender. The Auroran Central Bank (ACB) is the central bank of the Kiribzone. It is formally outside and independent of the UNAC. However, because most of the member states of the ACB are also members of the UNAC, the monetary policy of the ACB serves the interests of the UNAC economies. The Kirib the largest reserve currency in the world and it serves as the primary medium of exchange of the International Banking Exchange Cooperative. Thus, this gives the UNAC significant clout over the international financial system. The Kirib trades at 1 to 1 parity with the SHD. The Kirib is a free floating currency known for its remarkable stability and confidence. The countries with the largest reserves of Kiribs outside the UNAC are the United Confederation of Concordian States (UCCS), Packilvania and Peregrinia.


The UNAC comprises a single customs area and free trade zone. This means that there are no tariffs and virtually no non-tariff barriers to trade between member states. Nations can apply non-trade barriers to the importation of goods from other UNAC member states within the framework of the laws of the UNAC. This includes exempting island nations from importing goods that affect their natural ecosystems. Furthermore, tariffs with non-UNAC countries are set at a continental level. Moreover, trade relations with non-UNAC countries are coordinated at continental level. The Commission of the UNAC, Auroran Parliament and Council of the UNAC are responsible for developing and implementing the policies that govern trade in the UNAC.


The UNAC also comprises a single travel area. Holders of UNAC passports get a visa on arrival upon entry into a UNAC member states. Citizens of UNAC member states face fewer barriers to living, working and studying in the UNAC than citizens from other nations. Island nations are allowed to restrict the number of people that they allow to live and work in within their borders to prevent overpopulation. These exemptions apply to the Oan Isles, Yor, Kundzeti, The Andorinhões and Dragonia. The Charter of the UNAC protects the fundamental rights of workers throughout the member states of the UNAC such as the right to collective bargaining, fair pay, fair working hour, fair and safe working conditions, and adequate rest and recreation. Member states of the UNAC are required to enforce and bring effect to these requirements through their domestic legislation. The UNAC Commissioner of Labour is required to monitor, report on and support member states in the implementation of laws to protect the rights of workers within the UNAC.


Each member state is responsible for setting and collecting taxes within its borders. Secondly, each member state is responsible for developing and implementing a budget. Nevertheless, each member state makes contributions to the UNAC to support its internal operations as well as assist other member states. The Auroran Monetary Fund is an organisation of the UNAC that is responsible for ensuring balance of payments stability and promoting economic growth. The Auroran Monetary Fund loans funds to member states of the UNAC to help them meet their balance of payments obligations and to build infrastructure. Seated in the Oan Isles and originally conceived by Oan Foreign Minister, Arana Marama, it has assisted nations such as Asilica during the 2021 City of Asilica Terrorist Attack by making 40 billion KRB worth of funds available to the Asilica government to rebuild its economy.


Primary sector

Great Morstaybishlia is the biggest producer of food in the world. It the biggest producer of products such as tea and wine from the Hobstiberry plant. Tivot is a leading nation in food related research due to the highly food technology sector which has made advancements in genetically modified food and laboratory grown food products. North Ethalria is an exporter of dairy and milk products.

The UNAC contains several substantial deposits of fossile fuels in Great Morstaybishlia with smaller deposits in The Oan Isles (in Kohatu Isles jointly administered with Royal Caven Petroleum from Peregrinia) and Kundzeti (controlled by Peperan Petroleum of INTCO). Major petroleum, natural gas and coal producers include Embask. The continent also produces gemstones. Major producers include Rosalica. The continent has rich ferrous metals deposits. Vendaz is a vertically integrated steel manufacturing and mining company that is among the largest providers of steel products on the continent. North Ethalria (specifically Vothetria) is a major exporter of copper, coal, iron and nickel. K'undzeti is an exporter of quarried stone (namely granite, ryolite and pumice), construction sand and cement.

The UNAC produces timber due to its abundance of natural forests. Major producers of timber include MBE (namely birch and aspen), The Oan Isles (namely teak and mahogany), and Sarentria (namely pine and oak). Asilica is a leading producer of raw cannibis. K'undzeti is an exporter of tree rubber (due to the abundance of the Pará rubber tree).

Secondary sector

The UNAC has the biggest electronics manufacturing sector in the world. Through the Oan Isles, the UNAC is the largest producer of integrated circuits and semiconductor wafers in the world (mainly due to Metatron Corporation). Through Emberwood Coast, it is a leader in nanotechnology, and precision lasers. Through Great Morstaybishlia, the continent is a leading producer of consumer electronics (especially as it is the home of Damehowe and Primrose), office machines and data processing equipment, power-generating machinery, organic chemicals, and precision instruments. Axdel is a leading producer of lithography equipment used in the manufacture of microchips. Asilica is a leading producer of wristwatches (as the home to Janus one of the largest producers of luxury wristwatches in the world).

The UNAC competes globally in car manufacturing. Great Morstaybishlia is home to world-renowned car manufacturers such as Royal Redrugus and the Audelli Group. Velox Motors from Volkia has its Auroran motor vehicle assembly site in the Oan Isles. Emberwood Coast is a leading aerospace manufacturing hub namely in the production of space vehicles.

The UNAC is a significant producer of armaments. KAE Systems plc, a arms manufacturing firm from Kuthernburg owns a shipbuilding subsidiary in the Oan Isles. Major indigenous producers of military hardware include Trech, Ferrus Industries (from MBE), Oan Arms (from the Oan Isles), Tuvalt Aerospace Organisation (from Tuvaltastan), National Ballistic and Sentinel Arms (from Axdel).

Dragonia, led by its leading renewable energy company Solar Winds, produces solar photovoltaic panels and toughened glass for solar panels, rotors and hubs for wind turbines, hydrogen sulphide abatement systems for geothermal power and turbines for tidal energy systems.

Although small, the manufacture of garments and textiles is robust and major producers include Rosalica and MBE. Asilica is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs (to the chagrin of UNAC authorities).

Tertiary sector

The UNAC has the largest financial services sector in the world. Tarov, Aura and Sani Bursil are among the largest financial services centres in the world. Major financial services providers include Vocher Cada and Golding Smithant (among the largest banks in the world by assets managed), Standard National Bank, and Labia Turtle Bank. Through the development of complex base erosion and profit shifting tools collectively known as the Tivot Sandwich, Tivot is the largest and most sophisticated offshore financial centre in the world. Other major offshore financial centres include Blueacia, Asilica, Oceansend, and Emberwood Coast. The UNAC has a massive professional services sector which includes large networks such as Ita Marama. The property development and realty sector is enormous with major players including Cava Aura.

The UNAC is also one of the most important information and communication technology centres in the world. It is the location of the two of the largest internet service providers and software development companies in the world: Damehowe and Primrose. Other major ICT companies include Cafe Net (software and ISP), Peepl (social media), Morst Farming Nexus (agri-networking) and Café Pay (mobile and online payments). Fort Staynes, Fort Jubrayn and Tokapa are among the leading ICT hubs in the continent. Telecommunications providers include Vothetrian Telecom, Morstaybishlian Cable Company. In MBE, Valeria is a destination for microchip backend services.

The UNAC is one of the most visited areas in the world. Due to its historic monuments vibrant and diverse cultures, accessibility and international connectivity, and iconic natural landscapes, the UNAC attracts millions of tourists every year. Furthermore, free travel arrangements among member states have encouraged intra-UNAC travel such that tourists from UNAC member states are the largest group of tourists. Sani Bursil is the most visited city on the planet. As the origin of Thaerism, Great Morstaybishlia is among the biggest nations for religious tourism (in the form of pilgrimage to religious landmarks such as Syllester Abbey, attendance of religious festivals etc.) on the planet. Blueacia is the leading provider of oceanliner services on the continent as well as being the home of the Blue Ocean Cruises. Kuthern company JV Marine World Parks & Entertainment constructed and manages a massive water park and resort in Anapa, the Oan Isles. Asilica and Blueacia are major gambling centres. Asilica is the locus of the sex work industry in the UNAC. Through an abundance of shopping centres and e-commerce, the UNAC has a large retail sector which includes Dyche.



LOOP is a hyperlink train line that connects the continental mainland. The Aurostar is a standard gauge passenger railway services that connects the continental mainland. The Four Year Infrastructure Investment Initiative is a program of Great Morstaybishlia and the Oan Isles to develop telecommunications, renewable energy and transport infrastructure in the Auroran West Pacific.

The UNAC is serviced by a diverse and robust airline industry. Major airlines include Royal Blue Air, Oan Airways, Morstaybishlian Air, Jubrayn Air and Limhaye Travel.

The UNAC also benefits from large navigable inland waterways. This includes the Ider River which serves North Ethalria and Caltharus, Jubliak and Anker Rivers which serve Staynes.

The UNAC is serviced by an abundance of international airports such as Tokapa International Airport, Karinthus International Airport.

The UNAC is a hub for international shipping and trade. Tauranga a te Toka (the continent's largest Pacific Ocean Port), Aeternum and Tarov (the largest Morstaybishlian Sea ports) and Aura (the largest Packilvanian Ocean Port) are the leading ports in the continent.

The UNAC has a spaceport on Rosamund Island.

Science and technology

UNAC is a hub for scientific research and development. Located in Ribenstadt Faethalria, the Auroran Science and Technology Research Agency (ASTRA) is a the leading agency for joint research programs. It operates a rocket and space vehicle launch site on Rosamund Island. In Axdel, it is working on developing nuclear fusion technology at the Soltan International Thermonuclear Experiment which has the potential to revolutionise zero-carbon emissions power for the continent and the world at large.

The Emberwood Coast Space Exploration Agency produces and conducts research in space vehicles. This includes the ESV Endeavor. Dragonia is a leading centre for research into renewable energy technology namely tidal, wind, geothermal and solar.


Country GDP (KRB) GDP per capita (KRB) Population HDI Gini Economic growth (%) Unemployment (%) CPI Inflation (%) Imports (KRB) Exports (KRB)
Flag of the Constitutional State of the Andorinhões.svg Andorinhões 16,850,000,000 12,731 1,323,529
Asilica flag.png Asilica 595,000,000,000 41,022 14,504,299
Axdel Flag.png Axdel 4,122,779,955,487 32,724 125,985,309 0.909 28.1
Blueacia 15,312,380,400 176,850 86,584
Flag of Dragonia.jpg Dragonia 784,900,000,000 40,236 19,507,200
Durentria flag.png Durentria 342,263,869,500 27,250 12,560,142
EmberwoodCoastFlag.jpg Emberwood Coast 3,665,125,000,000 56,574 64,785,000 0.877 19.8
Faethalria.png Faethalria 1,046,704,978,242 21,906 47,781,657
New MBE Flag.png Great Morstaybishlia 13,767,275,063,374 30,334 453,859,472 0.942 36.0
K'undzeti Flag.png K'undzeti 19,700,409,240 8,145 2,418,712 0.682 34.8 2.93% 5.86% 3.89%
Nolovaflag.png Nolova 100,651,757,349 28,853 3,488,433
Future Ethalrian Flag.png North Ethalria 1,271,528,123,742 16,969 74,931,657
Flag of the Oan Isles.png The Oan Isles 788,768,750,000 42,350 18,625,000 0.901 35.1 4% 2.5% 2%
Flag of Oceansend.jpg Oceansend 5,424,000,000 143,492 37,800
Oscreliaflag.svg Oscrelia 1,600,000,000,000 22,857 70,000,000
Sarentria flag.png Sarentria 524,028,559,560 19,752 26,530,405
Tivotflag.png Tivot 1,128,493,867,250 48,322 23,353,625 0.889 25.1
Tuvaltflag.png Tuvaltastan 3,491,921,560,497 54,728 63,805,083 0.802 26.3
ValericaFlag1.jpg Valerica 595,000,000,000 35,000 17,000,000 0.924 36.0
Xiopothos Flag.png Xiopothos 1,300,000,000,000 40,733 31,915,220 0.936 33.6
York Flag.png Yor Isles 50,000,000,000 18,017 2,775,200 ??? 51.3