Dries Aalpol

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The Most Loyal and Just
The Lord Aalpol
1SL Alan West (cropped).jpg
Aalpol in March 2019
Commissioner-General of the Defence of the Empire
In office
30 April 2013 – 13 January 2018
MonarchMarium I
Preceded byHein Stellinga
Succeeded byJan-Rudd Ulsen
Member of the House of Lord-Advisors
Assumed office
30 December 2020
Appointed byAllard Baas
Military Representative-Advisor
In office
18 October, 1996 – 3 December, 2020
Personal details
Dries Daanzoon Aalpol

(1952-11-09) 9 November 1952 (age 70)
Halvartvet, Duchy of Tulpveld, Ducal Federation of Vistaraland
Nationality Tulpveld
Political partyMoral Ademarist Centre (2020-Present)
Other political
Independent (1996-1997, 2019-2020), Ademarist Democratic Party (1997-2019)
Alma materUniversity of the North Concordian

Dries Daanzoon Aalpol (Born 9 November 1952) is a Vistari politician, Lord-Advisor, naval officer and civil servant who served as Commissioner-General of the Defence of the Empire between 2013 and 2018, presiding over Vistari involvememt in the Auroran-Pacific War. Having previously served in the Vistari Imperial Navy between 1971 and 1984, reaching the rank of Commandeur, Aalpol was appointed as a Representative of Defence for his home Duchy of Tulpveld in 1996, joining the Ademarist Democratic Party in September 1997.

During the events of the Auroran-Pacific War, Aalpol acted as the main military correspondant betwwen The Oan Isles and Vistaraland, having made clear his general stance on the potential harmful consequences of the war, especially in regards to the presently strained relationship between the Vistari Government and their Auroran holdings.

Following heated discussion between Dries and delegations from Tretrid as well as discussions with MBE Officials regarding the obligations of the 1709 Agreement, Aalpol reluctantly acquiesced to recommending limited support for the operation, allowing for the use of Vistari military infrastructure in the Peper Isles as a forward operating base, which was granted Imperial Assent, against Opposition from many members of the Libertarian Party. Due to his misgivings on the proximity between the Vistari West Cerenerian Dominions and Stratarin, Aalpol ensured the funneling of resources into the defence capabilities of the territory, acting as the Director of Operatie Stormvloedkering, a series of defensive protocols and measures that would be utilised during the Strataric missile attacks on the Wescernia.

Aalpol would go on to take a leading role in organization of the Vistari role in the Auroran-Pacific War, alongside Admiral Lukas N. Heide. Following the War, Aalpol was granted a position in the Privy Council for his service, acting as a direct advisor to Marium I between 2018 and the signing of the Second Vistari Constitution in 2020. During this time, Aalpol became dissolution with the more radical members of the ADP under the Grand Duke of Oostereen being eventually removed from the part after he crossed the aisle to vote in favour of criminalizing discrimination based upon Sexual Orientation in May 2019, serving out the rest of his term as an Independent before joining the comparatively moderate Moral Ademarist Centre Party in 2020, being granted a position in the new Vistari Upper House, appointed by Prime Minister Allard Baas.