Dante Valeriano

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Dante Valeriano
Crown Prince to the Kingdom of Cavellan, the Duke of Alvetto
Photo of Dante Valeriano outside Nervino, taken after his election as Cavellanese Representative to the League of Novaris
Photo of Dante Valeriano outside Nervino
BornDante Celso
October 12, 1995 (age 27)
Noble HouseValeran
FatherAdelchi VI of Cavellan
MotherLucida II of Giosivazzo

Dante I (Dante Celso Valeriano; born October 12, 1995) is a Cavellanese diplomat and heir apparent to the now-defunct throne of Cavellan. He currently serves as the Representative of Cavellan to the League of Novaris.

Born into the House of Valeran, Dante is the eldest child and only son of Adelchi VI of Cavellan and Lucida II of Giosivazzo. He became heir apparent to the throne of Cavellan upon his birth, a status that lasted until the establishment of the state of Nuova Volscina on September 10th, 2002. The new republic formed from Cavellan and a number of smaller Volscine constituencies relieved the monarchy, a position that was already largely ornamental, of official status. Though the decision was met with mixed enthusiasm from the population of Nuova Volscina, then-King Adelchi agreed to step down and cede all legal authority to the democratically elected and organized government.

Dante received his education in Nervino, later attending the University of Alvetto to study government and political science, where he received a master's degree in political theory. In 2020, only a year after his graduation, Dante was forced to flee the country in the wake of Guerino Correvaci's coup. Able to return following the League of Novaris occupation of Correva on September 25 of the same year, Dante found a role as a diplomat in the interim government of occupied Cavellan, and was eventually elected by popular vote to serve as the country's League of Novaris representative in mid-2022.