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The Commission of the UNAC is the executive branch of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. It consists of Commissioners of the UNAC and is headed by the President of the UNAC Commission. It was established at the Auroran Reunification Summit through the passing of the Charter of the UNAC and formally constituted in July 2018. It is currently seated in Aura, Emberwood Coast and headed by Lara Tarasovna of Tuvaltastan.


The Commission was founded through passage of the Charter of the UNAC in December 2017 at the Auroran Reunification Summit held in Aura, Emberwood Coast at the invitation of President Nimona Poole.

Locklyn Le Roy of The Oan Isles had originally proposed that the Council of the UNAC would have executive authority and its decisions would be implemented by a Secretariat helmed by the Secretary-General. Woodrow Taft of Durentria went one step further and proposed that the Secretary-General wield executive powers as well. Walter Johannes of Great Morstaybishlia was sternly opposed to the executive powers of the Secretary-General who was seen as a mere civil servant.

The negotiations and discussions culminated in a resolution by the Oan Isles which contained early elements of a Commission which made up the executive branch and was appointed and accountable to the Council of the UNAC and the Auroran Parliament. This was approved by the members and made its way into the final draft of the Charter of the UNAC that was passed by December 2017. The Commission was formally constituted in July 2018 following the election of Lara Tarasovna as President of the UNAC Commission on 20 July 2018.

Powers and duties

The Commission has two principal powers: the execute and propose legislation. The Commission and Council are the only bodies of the UNAC with the power to propose ordinary legislation. Ordinary legislation is a type Auroran law that refers to general use legislation that spans a wide range of topics and includes issues related to budget, admission of members, joint transport initiatives etc. However, only the President of the UNAC Commission has the power to propose legislation that affects the composition of the Commission of the UNAC.

Commissioners hold meetings at least once a week unless an extraordinary session is convened by the President of the UNAC Commission or requested by two or more members. In these meetings they deliberate on key issues and decide on major policies and personnel appointments such as nominations of justices of the Auroran Court of Justice. Usually collective decisions are reserved for issues that affect the entire commission or that have bearing on its mandate. Although commissioners have relative autonomy, they are collectively responsible for the work of the Commission. Furthermore, the President of the UNAC Commission is empowered to direct and control their work. These factors mean that either the President or the Commission collectively can make decisions that affect the work of individual Commissioners.

Commissioners have the power to draft and propose legislation to the Auroran Parliament and Council of the UNAC. In this process they can task bureaucrats and experts, appoint consultants, conduct public inquiries and commission Investigations. Commissioners have the power to make key personnel appointments within their respective portfolios. They receive regular reports and dispense instructions to bureaucrats under their auspices. They monitor the functioning of their portfolio and request budget allocations on behalf of their portfolio. They may create new sub-units in their portfolios and create rules and systems for the operation of their portfolios. The Commissioner for Finance drafts the budget and holds the Auroran Monetary Fund accountable.


The Commission of the UNAC consists of Commissioners of the UNAC who have jurisdiction over portfolios. Each portfolio handles a specific topic. The President of the UNAC Commission recommends portfolios to the Council of the UNAC and the Auroran Parliament and candidates to head those portfolios to the Council of the UNAC. Only the approval of the Council is required for Commissioners to take their place. the approval of both bodies is required for new portfolios to be created. They need to meet the criteria to be a Member of the Auroran Parliament to be eligible to be Commissioners. Prior to assuming their duties, they are sworn into office by the President of the UNAC Commission. A tacit rule has emerged that only one candidate from each member state may serve in the Commission. Since the founding of the UNAC, there has been an attempt to ensure that as many nations are represented as possible. The Charter of the UNAC restricts the maximum amount of Commissioners to 30 and the minimum amount of Commissioners to 10. Thus far, that threshold has not been reached as there are currently only 17 members including the President.


Name Image Country Portfolio Description
Lara Tarasovna Lara Tarasovna.png Tuvaltflag.pngTuvaltastan President of the UNAC Commission Chairperson of the Commission and Chief Executive of the UNAC
Polly Newman Polly Newman 1.png Axdel Flag.pngAxdel Commissioner of Foreign Relations Oversees policy pertaining to UNAC interests abroad
Veronique da Sangello Veronique da Sangello.png Blueacia Commissioner for Health and Wellness Oversees the management of and coordination between healthcare systems of UNAC members.
Head of the Auroran Medical Agency (See Subsidiary Organizations)
Glynis Eiluned Flag of Dragonia.jpgDragonia Commissioner for Education, Culture, and Youth Oversees the education of UNAC members, promotes Auroran cultures and the ideals of Auroran unity
Trent Gomez Durentria flag.pngDurentria Commissioner for Security and Crisis Management Oversees security policy and heads the Auroran Security Agency
EmberwoodCoastFlag.jpgEmberwood Coast Commissioner for Social Rights and Equality Responsible for ensuring the rights of Aurorans are upheld, and investigates any disparities in representation
Zoe Staedtler Faethalria.pngFaethalria Commissioner of Agriculture Responsible for promoting and protecting Auroran agricultural interests
Peter Marley New MBE Flag.pngGreat Morstaybishlia Commission of Development and Infrastructure Oversees the development of Auroran systems and infrastructure
Kothalflag.pngKothalria (termination pending) Commissioner for Conservation Oversees the management and conservation of land and natural resources
Ahera Oka Ahera Oka.jpg Flag of the Oan Isles.pngOan Isles Commissioner for Finance Oversees all financial and monetary matters pertaining to the UNAC
Oscreliaflag.svgOscrelia Commissioner for Transportation Responsible for the promotion and development of UNAC transportation systems and services
Sarentria flag.pngSarentria Commissioner for Regional Policy and Cohesion Responsible for resolving inter-state policy conflicts and developing closer cohesion between member states
Rorik Borishvili Tivotflag.pngTivot Commissioner for Commerce and Competition Responsible for promoting Auroran businesses and industries and their interests, as well as promoting competition
ValericaFlag1.jpgValerica Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ovesees policy pertaining to UNAC internal interests
Vothetriaflag.pngVothetria (termination pending) Commissioner for Energy, Science, and Technology Oversees energy use and promotes the shift from non-renewable to renewable energy sources UNAC-wide. Also head of ASTRA.
Lawrence Ericson Xiopothos Flag.pngXiopothos Commissioner of Audits and Anti-Fraud Responsible for investigating and auditing UNAC institutions for any signs of fraud or misuse of UNAC resources
York Flag.pngYor Isles Commissioner of Labor Oversees and enforces laws pertaining to the workplace, unions, and business-person conflicts


Most of the offices of the departments of the Commission are housed in the city of Aura, Emberwood Coast. For part of the year, the Commissioners temporarily relocate to Sani Bursil in Great Morstaybishlia when the Auroran Parliament holds its summer session there. When the Commission is in Aura, the Commission holds meetings in the Aura International Convention Center. However, when they are in Sani Bursil, they hold meetings in the Auroran Parliament Building.

Some commissioners are in charge of agencies that are not located in Aura. For instance, the Auroran Security Agency (headed by Commissioner for Security and Crisis Management Trent Gomez of Durentria) is located in Oceansend. Thus, the Security and Crisis Management stays in Oceansend for most of the year and flies to Aura once a week for meetings. Similarly, the Auroran Medical Agency is housed in Blueacia thus, the Commissioner for Health, Véronique de Sangello stays in Blueacia for most of the year but may commute once a week for meetings or simply attend by teleconference. Although the Auroran Monetary Fund is kept in check by the Commissioner for Finance, she does not live in Tokapa because the AMF has a President currently Locklyn Le Roy who runs its daily affairs.