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The Federal Republic of Cascadii

Flag of Cascadii
Coat of arms of Cascadii
Coat of arms
Motto: Evergreen drzewa tak daleko, jak oko może zobaczyć.
Evergreen trees, as far as the eye can see.
Anthem: Błogosławieństwo Cascadii The Blessing of Cascadii
Location of Cascadii
Location of Cascadii
Largest cityPortowe
Official languagesFloresian
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President of Cascadii
Romuald Florian Hanusz
LegislatureThe Senate
Establishment1267 AD
• Total
657,950.22 km2 (254,036.00 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
803,346,880,000 SHD
• Per capita
40,000 SHD
CurrencyCascadyjski Trhuil
Calling code+297
ISO 3166 codeCA, CAS
Location of Cascadii


The Federal Republic of Cascadii is a country in southeastern Gondwana, in the Unovia region, that was founded in 1267. Cascadii has a population of 20,083,672. The majority of the population are humans. The official language of Cascadii is Floresian. The official religion of Cascadii is Silvism. The capital of Cascadii is Douglasa, and the largest city is the port city of Portowe. The douglas fir is native to Cascadii. Cascadii's sectors are Antrozia, Artrosna, Inpraza, Kichla, Obrezta, Republiki, and Unii Portów.


Before the formation of Cascadii in 1267, the region of Cascadii was occupied by city-states. Around 1260 the city-states started to annex eachother. They kept growing larger and larger until they were their own nations. Kaskada, Wodnyziemia, Klifstrona, and Mieszkaniezielony were the only ones left after years of fighting. Wodnyziemia started to gain more and more power. Eventually Kaskadii, Klifstrona, and Mieszkaniezielony signed a truce and all attacked Wodnyziemia at once. Even though Wodnyziemia was powerful, they were no match for these three nations combined. After all was said and done, these three nations remained. On May 23rd 1267, the leaders of the three nation came together to talk about the future of their nations. Together they decided to unite their three nations under one crown, the crown of Cascadii. They came up with the word Cascadii, the definition of the word is: The crown that unites the people. The flag of Cascadii uses the colors of each nation, the yellow is for Klifstrona, the teal is for Kaskada, and the blue is for Mieszkaniezielony. The tree on the flag is the douglas fir, the tree that covers the nation of Cascadii, which the leaders of the nations considered sacred. The place where they held this meeting is now known as Douglasa, the capital of Cascadii.


The Cascadyjski Trhuil the official currency of Cascadii. Cascadia has a GDP of 803,346,880,000 USD and a GDP per capita of 40,000 USD. Cascadii's largest exports are lumber and seafood, and their largest imports are chocolate and bananas.


Cascadii is a federal republic, with it's legislature being the senate. The leader of Cascadii is president Romuald Florian Hanusz. Romuald Florian Hanusz started his term in 2021. Cascadii supports democratic elections, and is a capitalist country. Each term in Cascadii is 10 years.


Cascadii has a fairly cold climate. Cascadii is heavily forested and is fairly mountainous. Cascadii has a large inland lake called Lake Cascadii. The largest river in Cascadii is the Błyszcząca River that spans from Lake Cascadii to the sea. The highest peak in Cascadii is Niebiański Peak standing at 9,271 feet tall. Cascadii has a fairly large sandy coastline. The largest national forest is the Cascadii National Forest spanning most of the nation.