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  • Buddy Holdings Pty Ltd (Auroran Stock Exchange)
  • luChubaal aluBadee (Bingol Stock Exchange)
Native name
Badee (Packilvanian)
TypeFor profit publicly listed limited liability corporation
  • BDY (Auroran Stock Exchange
  • BDE (Bingol Stock Exchange)
  • PXD16828GJSH37 (BSE)
  • KRB28628U82YYEH (ASE)
IndustryInformation technology
  • Buddy
  • Buddy Food
  • Mobile ride hailing
  • Food delivery
Revenue10 billion KRB (1.2 trillion PXD)

Buddy is a mobile ride hailing and food delivery service which originated in Packilvania. It is owned by the Buddy Holdings Company as part of the Buddy Group. The application was developed under the leadership of Usamid Heldaan, who is the founder and largest owner of the Buddy Group, in 2008. Buddy connects drivers to people who need car rides. This services helps people reduce their dependency on driving. Thus, it enables a quick and convenient way to request and pay for a taxi.

The Buddy application allows users to register as drivers. Drivers must use their own cars and motorbikes. They are responsible for their own maintenance, fuel, insurance, vehicle registration and driving license. Drivers must pass a driving test and receive a police clearance before being allowed to register on the application. Users can rate and review their drivers and their drivers go through frequent assessments to ensure that they are safe and meet the standards of the platform. The drivers in turn get paid when a user rides with them. Buddy takes a small commission as a fee for using the service.

Cars are ranked into tiers based on the model. The fancier the car, the higher the ridership fee. Some vehicles are larger but functional to enable more people to be transported per ride. Sometimes multiple users can reduce costs by riding together and sharing a trip. Users can pay, by cash or card or another payment service which draw funds directly from a card such as a Plexis debit or credit card or via a mobile payment portal like Debby.

There is also Buddy Food. Buddy Food allows people who own motorcycles and smaller cars to deliver food from restaurants and grocery stores to end users. Users are able to specify the food or groceries that they want and pay for them using the online payment portal and in turn get their food delivered to their doorstep. People can also choose to collect the food from the shop at a later time.

The version of the application used in Packilvania is not the version used in the rest of the world. In Packilvania, the user's data can be seized by the Intelligence agencies of Packilvania and is required to be stored in the country. This version is compatible with Packilvanian mobile devices and subject to surveillance and censorship in Packilvania. However, the version that is used outside Packilvania is owned and operated by a subsidiary located in Fort Jubrayn, Great Morstaybishlia. The servers that store data for this version are located in South Hills and Great Morstaybishlia for the users in Concord-Novaris or Aurora, respectively. As such the data cannot be seized by the Packilvanian authorities. This version is compatible with phones made by Primrose and Damehowe.

The most popular cars for Buddy drivers are: