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The Boliari is a council of high-ranking non-royal individuals who have been a significant force in the course of Salovian history, and for a number of periods in history served as the head of Salovia and Salovian nations, however their traditional purpose was to serve as the advisory council to the reigning monarch, similar to the purpose served typically by a royal court. There have been three monarchies to have had a Boliari within its political system: Salovia, the Kingdom of Suvol, and Nilovia.

In all instances of a Boliari, members were made up of nobles, military generals, and particularly wealthy individuals. More recent instances have businessmen, typically CEO's of major companies within their ranks.

Suvolic Boliari

The Kingdom of Suvol was the first nation to introduce the concept of a politically-sanctioned council of

Salovian Boliari

Nilovian Boliari