Blue Monday (song)

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"Blue Monday"
Single by New Order
from the album Authority and Control
Released10 March 1983
RecordedJune 1982 – October 1982
StudioGreenwood, Nagato
  • 7:29 (original version)
  • 4:09 (radio version)
LabelYuki Labels
Producer(s)New Order

"Blue Monday" is the hit song by Nagatoian rock band New Order. It was released as a 12-inch single on 10 March 1983 through the newly founded Yuki Lables on New Order’s debut album, Authority and Control (1983). The track was written and produced by Ethan Silver, Edward Silver, John Won, and Bertram Summer. "Blue Monday" was the first song produced by Yuki Labels. The single reached number one on the Nagcon Hot 100 of 1983 and number six on Nagcon Hot 100 of the 1980s.

Commercial performance

Peaking at number one for eleven weeks in Nagato, "Blue Monday" charted at number one on the Nagcon Hot 100 of 1983. "Blue Monday" stayed in the Hot 100 for 62 weeks, twenty-two of those inside the top ten. Estimated sales in Nagato and elsewhere for "Blue Monday" is 7,559,000 as of September 2021.


Release history

Release dates and formats for "Blue Monday"
Region Date Format Version Label
Nagato 10 March 1983 12-inch version Original Yuki Lables
Augustia 13 March 1983
Augustia 20 March 1983 Contemporary hit radio Radio edit