Auroran Liberal Party

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Auroran Liberal Party
RegisteredJuly 2018
HeadquartersAura, Emberwood Coast
NewspaperFree Thinker
Student wingALP Student League
Youth wingALP Youth League
Auroran ParliamentTBD

The Auroran Liberal Party (abbreviated ALP and colloquially known as the Liberals) is an international political party in Aurora that contests elections to the Auroran Parliament of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. It is the third largest political party in that body and one of the largest parties in Aurora by income and number of members. It is a strong supporter of free market capitalism, laissez-faire government and ideas such as rugged individualism. Despite having similar economic ideologies to the Auroran Conservative Party, it is much more socially progressive through support of liberal social and civil ideologies.

Ideologies and policies

It supports the following policies:

  • Less government control
  • Looser regulations on businesses
  • Lower taxes and tarrifs
  • Strong property rights
  • Looser worker rights
  • Loose immigration policy
  • Few controls on financial markets
  • Fewer restrictions on people's personal rights. This involves support for self-sovereignty.


The party consists of similarly aligned parties from member states of the UNAC. The parties manage their own members, campaigning and they send their own candidates to elections. However, the ALP coordinates their activities within the context of the UNAC.