August 2020 Kaltarus police attack

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August 2020 Kaltarus police attack
Part of Kaltarus Independence Movements
Nocturne provincial police headquarters
LocationNocturne provincial police headquarter building, Fort Nocturne, Kaltarus
Date21 August 2020
Approx 14:05 ECT
Weapons0.57 kg plastic explosive strapped to a drone
Deaths8 (7 police staff and 1 site engineer)
VictimsPolice and Civilian

The August 2020 Kaltarus police attack was a drone bomb attack into a meeting of chief constables in Kola House, Nocturne provincial police headquarters, eastern Kaltarus, Great Morstaybishlia; that happened at 14:05 and claimed the lives of six chief constables, one deputy chief constable and one site engineer.

Among the dead include Chief Constables Michael Howit, Ghenner Satuley, Fiona Yanks, Miriam Juliens, Maggie Wrought and Kirkosby Streven from the provinces of Calthia, Laulia, Auria, Jomsgord, Barbarus and Nocturne respectively. Site engineer Kael Ludostan was also killed in the blast. Chief Constable of Dovia Dexter Kettser was the only person to survive the blast after visiting the toilet.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, although in a nation addressed Prime Minister Franklin Barvata insisted that the same group responsible for the July 2020 Kaltarus attacks are to blame.