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Federal States of Aslaconrad

Flag of Aslaconrad
Anthem: "March of Freedom"
• President
Alexander McAllen
• Vice President
Henry Burke
LegislatureFederal States Congress
House of Representatives
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
789 billion
The Federal States of Aslaconrad Commonly called Aslaconrad or the Federal States is a Federal Republic located on the Continent of Yastria, The Federal States was founded in the Early 1800s amid the Unifications of the Proto Aslaconradian Kingdoms It was United as the United Kingdom of Aslaconrad and Herstova in 1815 and lasted as a Constitutional Monarchy until the Early 1900s when a series of Harsh Crackdowns by the Monarchy led to the Outbreak of the Aslaconradian Civil war from 1905-1910

The Republicans Under General Henry Alastor Eventually Won the civil war Transitioning the Kingdom into the Federal states With the Adoption of the Federal States Constitution in 1911 Nowadays the FSA is a Wealthy Nation with a Thriving population of almost 39 Million people living under a Republican Government Headed by the President of the Federal States who is Head of Government and Head of the Armed Forces.

The Federal States is Known For its Neutral Stance towards World Politics Tending to Stay to Itself And Minding its own Business Although it Recently Joined the International Forum in order to make its voice More Widely Heard on the International Stage