Armed Forces of Central Republic Of Nyo

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Armed Forces Of Central Republic Of Nyo
CRN Armed Forces FLag.png
CRN Armed Forces Flag
Service branchesNational Army of Republic of Nyo
CRN Navy
CRN Air Force
CRN National Police
HeadquartersBahati, CRN
Commander-in-ChiefBwana Mkubwa
Minister Of DefenseMzuzi Danjuma
Military age17
ConscriptionRequired by law
Active personnel186,000
Reserve personnel3.1 Million
Budget2.7 Billion SHD
Percent of GDP3%
The Armed Forces of The Central Republic Of Nyo are the unified armed forces of the Central Republic. They consist of the CRN Army, the CRN Navy and the CRN Air Force. The National Police of CRN, although technically not part of the military, is controlled and administered by the Ministry of Defense, and national conscription also includes service in the National Police, thus making it a de facto gendarmerie and a branch of the military. The President of CRN is the military's commander in chief, and helps formulate defense policy through the Ministry of Defense, which is in charge of day-to-day operations.

Ever since the advent of the Nuasda Conflict, the CRN military has been involved in combat, pacification, counter-insurgency, and drug interdiction operations all over the country's national territory. Recently it has participated in counter-piracy efforts in the Nyo Lake Region under Operation Nyobian Shield and Operation Hawa.


The CRN armed forces consist of:
Military Forces:


Public Force strength as of April 2021.

Force Service Officers Total
Military National Army of Republic of Nyo 8,430 100,000
Military CRN Navy 1,320 41,320
Military Colombian Air Force 670 8,310
Public Colombian National Police 1,320 30,370
Total 11,740 186,000

Military strength


In 2021, CRN assigned 3.4% of its GDP to defense. The armed forces number about 186,000 uniformed personnel: 149,630 military and 30,370 police. These figures do not include assistance personnel such as cooks, medics, mechanics, and so on. Many CRN military personnel have received military training assistance directly in the Central Republic of Nyo and also in the Kingdom Of Kuthernburg. The Kingdom Of Kuthernburg has provided equipment and financing to the CRN military and police through the military assistance program, foreign military sales, and the international narcotics control program.