Antoran Union of Journalists

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Antoran Union of Journalists
Unión Antora de Periodistas
TypeTrade Union
Founded14 August 1871
Area served
Arcturia, Aurora, Gondwana, Novaris, Yasteria
Key people
Miguél Carlos de la Javáza (Director)
Number of employees
2305 (2021)

The Antoran Union of Journalists (Corric: Unión Antora de Periodistas) is the largest journalism trade union in Antora. Founded in 1871, the Union handles all relations and negotiations between journalists and news professionals and their superiors, as well as the Antoran government. The Union also handles publishing and translating Corric news and digital media for international consumption. Organizations under their purview include Antora News Corporation, the largest news broadcasting syndicate in the nation, and the Corric Daily Post, the most-read national newspaper. The Union itself has a workbase of two thousand but caters to over 50,000 professionals.

Publications need not be news related or considered 'public interest' for the Union to handle them. Various international organizations use the Union to translate and distribute their content within Antora. These foreign works are handled by the Union Foreign Publishing Office, while Corric content is handled by the Domestic Publishing Office.

The Union requires all its associated news publications to be as unbiased and neutral as possible when reporting on current events. Certain publications are permitted a small amount of leeway, such as investigative journals and digest magazines. The rules on bias are enforced stringently and those caught deviating from them can be fined or even lose their publishing rights.

Some of the content that the Union publishes comes from:

  • Corric Daily Post - The largest newspaper in the nation in terms of readership. Has print and digital copies as well as varying departments for certain topics like world news, financial, health, and weather.
  • National Defense Enquirer - A major digest publication concerning Antora and regional military news. Focuses on announcements from the Ministry of Armed Services along with think pieces and news on major conflicts worldwide.
  • Armada Herald - The city paper of Porta Armada. Similar in scope to the Daily Post though constrained to the metropolitan area of the city. Sometimes regarded as a bit sensationalist due to certain staff.
  • Public Enquirer - A magazine focusing on the government's actions and policymaking as well as social commentary. One of the more respected investigative publications though has been known for leaning pro-government on occaison.
  • Political News Journal - A newspaper based out of Eleçeron but distributed nationwide, focusing exclusively on current events concerning public policy and the capital city. More widely-read than the Public Enquirer, though its staff is less proactive.
  • Corric Agriculture Digest - A large subscription-based publication concerning farming, fishing, and the food industry. Widely read by farmers and others interested in the foodstuffs economy. Well-known for its popular section on urban and home gardening.
  • Private Security Post - An independant digital magazine and blog that documents mercenary news around the world. Very popular in Antora due to Quill Defense Contractors, Inc.
  • Chivalric Living - A home life and society digest magazine. Offers tips on living according to chivalric virtues and advice columns that readers can write into. Losing popularity due to its main consumers being older, though still widely referenced.