Akuan Vanguard

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Akuan Vanguard

Vorpestian nameVangwardja Allakui
AbbreviationKV-VA (official)
AV (informal)
CoP LeaderLuċija Orlan
Municipal LeadersNoah Zahra
Katherine Wirth
FoundedSeptember 27, 1920 (1920-09-27)
Split fromAkuan Reform League
Preceded byRadical Peasent Front
HeadquartersXageltburg, Sajaaland
NewspaperThe Sajaalander Firebrand
Youth wingLeague of Young Sentries
IdeologyAkuan democracy
Economic nationalism
Political positionCentre
Colors  Pale Green
Slogan"In our faith we stand together, For our faith we shall fight!"
Confederation of Provinces
3 / 77
Sajaalander Municipal Council
26 / 85

The Akuan Vanguard (AV, officially KV-VA) (Vistarian: Kuanvoorhoede, Vorpestian: Vangwardja Allakui) is an Akuan-democratic political party, and the largest party in the Sajaaland region of Hvaloaszna.