42nd Council of Trade Unions

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42nd Union Council
42nd Council of Trade Unions 2020.svg
42nd Council of Trade Unions 2021.svg
Composition of the 42nd Union Council.
Top: Composition at constitution.
Bottom: Current composition.
Legislative bodyCouncil of Trade Unions
Term11th October 2020 – 3rd October 2022
GovernmentSecond Hyla-Petrov government (until 2021)
Arbiechtfront government
Head of the Union CouncilTarov Hyla (DAP)
Deputy of the Union CouncilEmil Petrov (SDP)
Associated ExecutiveKoliana Obrista (PAP)
Leader of the OppositionArik Maylow (DKP)

The 42nd Council of Trade Unions is the current presiding formation of the unicameral legislature of Durakia until the 4 October 2022 Durakan legislative election. The current Council was elected following the regular biannual schedule maintained by Durakia since its second legislative election in 1940, having taken place on 4 October 2020. The 42nd Council held their first legislative session on the 11th of the same month, with the formation of government having been made short due to the reaffirmation of the Hyla-Petrov Coalition negotiated in 2018 between the two largest parties.

At its formation, the council was made up of eight parties, with 80% of the body composed of members of the three largest parties, being the Democratic Worker's Party (DAP) with 93 seats, the Social Democratic Party with 88 and the Durakan Communist Party with 60. However, following the Correva Affair and the formal dissolution of several political affiliations with the major parties, the current composition contains members of ten total parties, with the Communists, Social Democrats and DAP each losing a number of seats.

The Head of the Union Council is Tarov Hyla of the DAP, which maintains a plurality of 91 seats. The Deputy of the Union Council is Emil Petrov of the SDP, whose party remains the second largest party in the legislature despite a considerable drop in seats from 88 to 61 due to the defection of the party's left-wing. Comprising the left-wing of the SDP, as well as several previous members of the DAP, the Progressive Labour Party forced a renegotiation of the governing majority of the Union Council. The leader of the Progressive Labour Party, having previously headed the Progressive Social Democratic Party, Koliana Obrista was granted an elevated position as the Associated Executive, a title which has not been used since the coalition between the Durakan Labour Front, Ecological Defence Party and Liberal Equality Forum between 1992 and 1993. The Leader of the Opposition remains Arik Maylow of the Durakan Communist Party, despite the expulsion of six Communist Party members from the Council due to their involvement in the Correva Affair, as well as the defection of the 11 members of the Internationalist People's Party to the newly formed Left Opposition of Durakia.

The 42nd Council marks the first following the Irnac War, with issues around the integration of Vakarastan having been carried over as a pressing policy area from the 41st Council, with the 42nd Council having oversaw the Khrystalpol Incident during their tenure. Additionally, the Council session coincided with a considerable shift in the Durakan party structure, following the split of the Durakan Communist Party and the formation of the Progressive Labour Party which sits as a middle ground between the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Worker's Party. As such, the Council oversaw the relatively rare event of serving under two different governments. with the Progressive Labour Party negotiating a change in government formation with the Social Democrats and DAP shortly following their formation in July of 2021.


2020 Election

2020 Durakan legislative election
Durakia Flag.png
← 2018
2022 →

All 300 seats in the Union Council
151 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Jesse Klaver verkiezingsposterfoto.jpg
20131129 Bernhard Daldrup 0926.jpg
Roman Golovchenko (28-04-2021).jpg
Candidate Tarov Hyla Emil Petrov Arik Maylow
Party Democratic Worker's Party Social Democratic Party Durakan Communist Party
Last election 90 seats 89 seats 61 seats
Seats won 93 88 60
Seat change Increase 3 Decrease 1 Decrease 1

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Mary McDonnell Photo Op GalaxyCon Raleigh 2019.jpg
Andrei Năstase in November 2017.jpg
Karol Karski Sejm 2016.JPG
Candidate Rosalyn Tyrol Boris Yebedev Igor Strasse
Party Durakan Liberty Party Irnac Autonomy Party National Frontier of Workers
Last election 21 seats 9 seats 8 seats
Seats won 23 20 10
Seat change Increase 2 Increase 11 Increase 2

All 300 seats in the Council of Trade Unions were elected on the 4th of October, 2020, marking the first time the former territory of Vakarastan was able to participate in Durakan elections as workers within the Komin of Northwestern Irnac and the newly-formed Komin of Northeastern Irnac. Despite this, voter turnout was considerably low amongst Vakari workers in the Northwest, likely owing to how recently Vakari territory was admitted into the Miner's Republic. Following established electoral procedure, constituents from each of the now 15 Komina voted for the composition of the 20 Labour Representatives for their constituency. Results are determined based on both the proportional vote for each party in the Komin and the performance of that party's candidate in an Instant Runoff election as voted by members of their industry.

The election acted as a general re-affirmation of confidence in the ruling Hyla-Petrov coalition government, with the Social Democratic Party and Democratic Worker's Party maintaining the ability to hold a comfortable majority within the legislature, despite the gradual decline seen by the SDP since their ascendancy in 2010. The Government of Durakia has been comprised of these two parties in coalition since 2017, with the failure of the Petrov Government in 2016 marking the last period of single-party governance in the country.

Overall, the election saw no considerable shift in the trends of the parties which composed the previous government, with the Democratic Worker's Party gaining three seats and the Social Democratic Party losing one, leaving the DAP-SDP Coalition with a net gain of two seats. The largest opposition party, the Durakan Communist Party, saw a loss of one seat. While this was only a minor loss overall, the party suffered considerably on the island of Durakia itself, with losses in the Komina of Kultin, Marlo and Lynal having been only supplemented by votes from the newly-created Northeastern Irnac. This has notably been attributed to the success of Tarov Hyla and the Democratic Worker's Party in appealing to the Durakan Left and the Government's success in the handling of the Irnac War.

In addition to this, the Irnac War had a considerable part to play in the seats held by Durakia's minor parties, with the Irnac Autonomy Party (IAP) and Durakan Free Worker's Party (DSAP) making substantial gains in their prominence in the legislature due to major successes in the Komin of Northeastern Irnac, with the election being the first time in which the IAP had ever garnered the majority of votes within a constituency while also more than doubling their seat count in the legislature. The Durakan Free Worker's Party saw more limited success, however in proportion to their usual showing, the gaining of three seats served as a large boost for the small Anarchist party. This success is granted, for the most part, to their newfound affiliation with the political wing of the Vyzvolennya (Ernokish: Визволення), an Elowdi Anarchist organization previously active in Vakarastan which liberated a considerable portion of the region during the Irnac War.

In addition to the success of the IAP and DSAP, the National Frontier of Workers saw considerable success as a result of the War, owing both to the party's favourable stance towards the expansion of the Miner's Revolutionary Armed Forces as well as the electoral failure of the Neo-Martovist Labourer's Authority Party, who had seen all four of their Labour Representatives, including leader Zarik Merdov, fail to achieve re-election. In the wake of the decline in both the Durakan Communist Party and Labourer's Authority Party, the National Frontier of Workers gained two additional seats, moving the party to a more prominent position than it had previously seen thanks to its previous connotations to the Communal Nationalist movement in Durakia.


42nd Council of Trade Unions 2020.svg
Democratic Worker's Party63±0
Social Democratic Party38-3
Progressive Social Democratic Party (SDP)29+3
Durakan Communist Party28-4
Worker's Front of Irnac (DAP)25+2
Communist Party of Irnac (DKP)21+2
Durakan Liberty Party20+3
Irnacish Social Democrats (SDP)17+1
Irnac Autonomy Party16+10
Internationalist People's Party (DKP)11+1
National Frontier of Workers9+4
New Labour Front (DAP)5+1
Anti-War Socialist Party (SDP)4-2
Nationalist Party of Irnac (IAP)4+1
Irnac Democratic Liberal Party (DLP)3-1
Liberation (DSAP)3+3
Durakan National Front2+1
Durakan Free Worker's Party1-1
Ernok Revival (ANG)1-2
Labourer's Authority Party0-4
Seats in the Union Council

Executive of the Council

Council Executive Party Term
Head of the Union Council Tarov Hyla DAP 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Deputy of the Union Council Emil Petrov SDP 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Associated Executive Koliana Obrista PAP 7 Jul. 2021 – present

Legislative groups

Group Members Leader
At election Current
Democratic Worker's Party (DAP) Tarov Hyla 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Social Democratic Party (SDP) Emil Petrov 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Durakan Communist Party (DKP) Arik Maylow 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Progressive Labour Party (PAP) Koliana Obrista 3 Jul. 2021 – present
Durakan Liberty Party (DSP) Rosalyn Tyrol 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Irnac Autonomy Party (IAP) Boris Yebedev 11 Oct. 2020 – present
National Frontier of Workers (ANG) Igor Strasse 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Left Opposition of Durakia (OLD) Collective Leadership 19 May 2021 – present
Durakan Free Worker's Party (DSAP) Joseph Engel 11 Oct. 2020 – present
Durakan National Front (DNF) Wesley Noric 11 Oct. 2020 – present