2007 Vkaxhaxn Naval Base Incident

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2007 Vkaxhaxn Naval Base Incident
Vkaxhaxn Naval Base Incident.jpg
AHS Wevtofu burns after a bomb exploded inside its engine room
DateApril 24, 2007 - April 27, 2007
Vkaxhaxn City, Karishkanov
Result Pro-Iphelklorian seperatists defeated, Arrest of Inhlux Giljourh and other Ihupil'v Fkorhlun leaders

Ihupil'v Fkorhlun
Sinkov Stevens
Supported by

Commanders and leaders
Dusnish Vinhusv Inhlux Giljourh
Oin Bunulifoan
5,203 marines
2,394 naval crewmen
1,239 militiamen
3,503 mercenaries
Casualties and losses
305 killed, 1,493 wounded, and 15 missing 703 killed, 1,503 wounded, 312 missing, and 2,493 captured

The 2007 Vkaxhaxn Naval Base Incident was a three-day skirmish between the Karishian naval troops and the pro-Iphelklori separatist group Inhlux Giljourh.