1991 Esteiran presidential election

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1991 Esteiran presidential election

← 1986 March 31, 1991 (1991-03-31) 1996 →
Turnout62.4% Decrease
  Luis Souza 1991.jpg Vomlel in 1991.png
Nominee Luis Souza Maximiliano Vomlel
Party Esteiran People's Party National Liberal Party
Home state Alvelongo Cadaval
Popular vote 4,610,588 4,374,873
Percentage 49.14% 46.63%

1991 Esteiran presidential election results by department.png
Results by department. Blue denotes departments won by Souza and yellow denotes those won by Vomlel.

President before election

Maximiliano Vomlel

Elected President

Luis Souza

Presidential elections were held in Esteira on March 31, 1991. Luis Souza of the Esteiran People's Party defeated incumbent Maximiliano Vomlel of the National Liberal Party with 49.14% of the vote. Souza was inaugurated as the 10th President of Esteira on May 1, 1991.

This election is widely considered to be Esteira's last free and fair election.


Luis SouzaEsteiran People's Party4,610,58849.14
Maximiliano VomlelNational Liberal Party4,374,87346.63
Isidora TomásEsteiran Socialist Union217,0262.31
Florencio AntunesPopular Solidarity162,8421.74
Other candidates17,4760.19
Valid votes9,382,80599.51
Invalid/blank votes45,8000.49
Total votes9,428,605100.00
Registered voters/turnout15,109,94662.40
Source: Council for Presidential Elections