Stražská Autonomous Zone

Stražská Autonomous Zone

Flag of Stražsko
Strazsko Blank Map.png
LargestMěsto Vítězství
Recognised national languagesStražská
Ethnic groups
• Established
1930 CE
171,543 km2 (66,233 sq mi)
• Census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Calling code+249
ISO 3166 codeSZ, SAZ


The Stražská Autonomous Zone is an anarchic state located in the Kaskada region of southeast Gondwana.


The Grand Duchy of Stražsko was founded in the early 9th century under a tribal chieftain as the first country in the region of Stražsko. During the Warring Kingdoms period of Aivintis, the Grand Duchy remained a neutral trading power. In 923 Liesvozia conquered Stražsko looking for a way to the southern strait. When Korćetta was formed, Stražsko became a safe haven for non-human species. For centuries, the Grand Duchy stood. However, with the popular surge in democracy around the world and the growing idea of Communism, the people revolted in the late 19th century and established the communist Union of Stražsko. However, with a decline in trade, wealth, and power, Stražsko entered a dark age, and poverty quickly fell upon its people. In 1919, state’s military, in response to the growing poverty, rallied under the banner of General Ondřej Kadlec, who established the New Stražská Order (Nová Stražská Objednávka), a military dictatorship and stratocracy, with him as its supreme leader, or Ochránce. Corruption rose, and so did the poverty of the lower and middle classes, as the military upper class and the secret police, the Umlčet, hoarded all the wealth and power, and crushed any resistance to martial rule.

In 1930, it was not a single resistance movement, in fact, but a series of small scale riots and revolts, following the total collapse of the Stražská economy, that ended the New Stražská Order. Suddenly, the military elite were losing even their own wealth. They could not afford to appease their soldiers or police. Mass desertion from the military and mass emigration from the country began, before The Aivintian Empire and The Kingdom of Korćetta closed their borders to the fleeing Stražská people. The elite were killed and the country devolved into anarchy and chaos. For the last 91 years, this anarchy and chaos has been ruling. Gangs and nomads are the majority, and the few orderly communities and upstart governments are small, untrusting of outsiders, and completely isolated from the rest of the world. The Stražská Autonomous Zone, as it is labeled on maps, is an active Warzone, and any foreign intervention has been met with violent reactions from the criminals who rule most of the zone.