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Reirenua is'Kyrloth

Flag of Kyrloth
Motto: "Fi Quleu, Rur Suxeu"
"From the worst, make the best."
Anthem: "Sha Tsar Suqota Rei"
Kyrloth in The East Pacific
Kyrloth in The East Pacific
and largest city
Azmarin Zlovskavaar
Official languagesVaaran
Recognised national languagesVaaran, Felaener, Tsukiel
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
• Kirrhion
Prime Minister
Sinter Tass (SG)
• Sirrhion
Keren Atsra (SG)
LegislatureHouse of Debate
• Arrival
• Unification (as Zreiru'a)
• Patriot Rally
• The Opposition
• Kotari Occupation
• Total
1,531,700 km2 (591,400 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• Density
17.0/km2 (44.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
3.43 trillion Ↄ! (SH$678 billion)
• Per capita
131,000 Ↄ! (SH$26,000)
Gini (2021)0.314
HDI (2021)0.824
very high
CurrencyKyrlot Ura
(KLU) (Ↄ!)
Time zoneUTC+0 (Kyrlot Time)
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideleft
Calling code+71
ISO 3166 codeKYR
Internet TLD.kyr

Kyrloth, officially the Republic of Kyrloth (Vaaran: Reirenua is'Kirlos /ɹeɪ.ɾ is.kir.lɒs/) is a elven country in western Borea whose territory comprises of the Kyrlot peninsula, Tscharun, Sarun and Karun islands and the Far Kotari island chain. Kyrloth has a population of 25,104,008 (according to the 2020 census). The country shares a land border with Aduraszna.

Sinter Tass of the Soldiers' Guild is the current Kirrhion (prime minister) of Kyrloth, following the controversial 2019 election. Although it is a unitary sovereign state, Kyrloth devolves power on local issues to the Local House, comprising of 2592 elected representatives, each of whom act as the representative of a commune: a small area each comprising roughly four thousand citizens. However, any and all wide-reaching decisions are made by the House of Debate, made from 216 members of parliament, or MPs, designated to political parties by electoral performance and distributed amongst its members according to the party list.

Kyrloth recently annexed the People's Republic of Kireitarenu'a during the Annexation of Kireitarenu'a of May 2019. Due to the 72 new seats this added to the House of Debate in the subsequent provisional election, and Sinter Tass's de facto control over all of them, given that the Kirrhion must approve all provisional MPs before they can take their seats, Tass now controls just over two thirds of the House: a supermajority sufficient for anything, up to and including changing the Constitution. In addition, in October 2019, Kyrloth annexed the Kingdom of Izria.